Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush-This is the place to pre-order

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 25. However, those who are interested in picking up the copy do not have to wait for themselves to lock the location of the copy: it is now possible to order from many retailers (See it on Amazon, Or Amazon UK). Like most other first-party Nintendo games, it is only available in the standard version, but if you want to enter the fairway and swing the club in Mushroom Kingdom, this is what you really need.

Pre-order Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest in the sports series. This time, you will get a rangefinder and a scanner that can help you set up the lens to the maximum. The game also allows you to abandon the mix button in order to use Joy-Con as a motion controller for shooting. And, if standard golf is not enough to excite you, you can use several other modes to increase the fun. Speed ​​Golf is a mode that allows you and other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom to prepare for the game at the same time and complete the game as quickly as possible during the sprint.

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There is also a story mode that allows you to play in the golf career of Mii characters, taking them from rookies to experienced professional players. After completing the course, you will level up and assign points to various statistics, such as power, speed, endurance, and control. Whether you want to play solo or with up to three other players, this looks fun. As long as you have a valid Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can play with others online.

Mario Golf: Super Rush pre-order bonus

There are no general pre-order rewards, but two retailers offer their own freebies.

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