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Mario Golf: Super Rush-Complete roster and game mode announced

Mario Golf: Super Rush has received a new game trailer that not only displays its 16-character roster, but also details many of its game modes, including Speed ​​Golf, Battle Golf and Golf Adventure. On June 25, 2021, it will allow players to play golf with favorite characters from the “Mushroom Kingdom” through button controls or action controls. Although the game is easy to pick up and play, it also has advanced shooting functions, such as curve shooting, rotating shooting and so on.

Super Golf: Super Rush full roster announced

At the time of release, “Mario Golf: Super Run” will have 16 characters with its own special shots, such as the character that allows Mario to explode the ball on impact.

The complete list of golfers is as follows, if special shots are shown in the game trailer, their special shots are also included;

  • Mario- Blast the ball on impact.
  • Luigi – The ground freezes on impact.
  • Wario – Produce lightning interference.
  • Varuji – To be determined
  • Princess Peach- Blow up the ball in its path.
  • Daisy- Blast the ball on impact.
  • Yao- Turn the ball into an egg on impact.
  • Bowser – Blast the ball on impact.
  • Bowser Jr. -To be determined
  • Shhh Will entangle the ball on impact.
  • Donkey Kong- To be determined
  • Rosalina- Turn the ball into star fragments on impact.
  • Pauline- Blow up the ball in its path.
  • toad- Blast the ball on impact.
  • Chargin’Chuck- Blow up the ball in its path.
  • King Bob Omb- Produce bombs in the landing zone.

Mario Golf: Super Rush game modes include speed golf, combat golf and golf adventure

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to play various courses with up to four friends locally or online, from courses with “lush nature” to “only in Super Mario” “Wonderful area that can only be found in the Austrian world” course. “

Speed ​​golf is one of the new ways to play Mario Golf. This crazy mode allows you and up to three friends to tee off at once and then start the game after hitting them. Speed ​​is the name of the game, and your goal is to be the first to send the ball into the hole.

Along the way, players can grab items that restore their endurance, use special sprints to help them advance quickly or attack opponents, or use special shots to gain an advantage.

Another new mode is Battle Golf, which is more or less Speed ​​Golf with special rules. There are 9 holes in a court, and the player’s task is to be the first player to get 3 holes.Mario Golf: The single player campaign of Super Rush is called Golf Adventure, and it allows you to create Mii through…well…golf adventure.

Upgrade your golfers, interact with locals in Mushroom Kingdom, and more. There are even golf coaches in the practice area to help players learn the rules of the game and practice skills.

Throughout the adventure, you will face some challenges, such as hitting the ball into the giant pottery bowl at the top of the tower, and participating in a golf-based boss battle.

Players can gain experience by playing games, and they can assign points to strength, endurance, speed, control and spin to improve the level of Mii golfers. These golfers can then play in any other mode in the game.

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