Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Man Sky Halloween Update Doesn’t Add Ride Quality Sandworms and Meat Fireworks

No Man’s Sky has announced its fourth expedition and Halloween update, Emergence, which focuses on the game’s horrifying sand bugs. It also adds meat fireworks, why?

Expeditions is a No Man’s Sky event quest, and Emergency is the first with a complete story attached. Stuck players in a barren world and ask them to solve a cult mystery that seems to be related to the Titan worms that are prevalent on the planets throughout the galaxy.

The expedition also acts as a mini-update, adding many features to the game, from better particle effects to fully rideable flying sand bugs (after tame and growing, of course). Greater effects have been added, such as a jetpack trail that fires worms and a “fresh launcher” that sends fireworks that “explode with the splatters of slime, plasma, and wormlets.” delicious.

Developer Hello Games has released an additional complete list that will be added to the Emergency released today.

No Man’s Sky: Emergency Additions

  • More diverse sandworms -The entire universe of Titanic worms is enhanced with a variety of new biology and types. These giant beasts can now be found in a wide selection of more scary varieties.
  • Richer particle effects -Improved particle effects. Meteors, muzzle flashes, explosions, digging animal dust, swelling smoke, and laser impact have all been improved and can be seen throughout the game.
  • Riding sand bugs -Players can now tame and grow giant worm buddies, feed them, keep pets, ride them, and explore the universe. These are terrifying and wonderful creatures when fully grown and are incredible to fly.
  • Feast helmet -After discovering the secrets of the ancient Vy’keen cult, explorers can also echo their appearance with this unique, toothy grotesque alien.
  • Gustley Trail -Ghastly Trail customization applies a unique organic effect to Jetpack’s exhaust nozzles to expel sticky liquids and small insects during flight.
  • Titanic Trophy- This eerie skull, once belonging to the big legless cousin of the Titan Sandworm, adds an eerie decoration to the base.
  • Fresh Launcher- Add an organic element to your fireworks display with Fresh Launcher Fireworks. These rare fireworks explode with spatters of slime, plasma, and wormlets.

No Man’s Sky: Screenshot of Emergency Update

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