Monday, November 29th, 2021

Mainframe Defender Now Available-XboxWire

Mainframe defender Is a classic turn-based strategy game that pays homage to the classic series: X-COM (1994), MechCommander (1998), and Syndicate (1987). We wanted to bring players back to the days of old games where the story was presented in text format and the author was creative. That’s what we still cherish about the 80’s and 90’s.

Mainframe defender Set in a “Stargazer” research facility, a computer virus infected the artificial intelligence that controls the complex and hijacked local equipment. Naturally, this leads to complete and complete confusion and destruction. The player acts as a defense algorithm that protects the AI ​​from rampant machines.

The game is divided into a series of missions with different purposes. Upon completion, players will receive various rewards. This will help you develop a mechanical robot and find clues to reach the bottom of the plot. The gaming world is designed in the retro style of 80’s computer terminals. Players have 4 units per mission. Choosing the right tactics can lead to victory after the number of enemy mechas exceeds the number.

Mainframe defender

What makes the game really shine is its attractive gameplay and high replay value. This is what we spent most of our time developing. To keep our players happy, we really tried to hone this aspect.

The main highlight of the game is its customization. You will receive spare parts as a mission reward. The higher the difficulty level, the more rewards you can get. After the battle, the contents of the store will change. There are 3 types of items depending on their rarity. The higher the item, the harder it is to obtain. This is where the most hardcore mechanics come into play.

Mainframe defender

Mainframe defender It combines “VHS style” with synth music that mimics 80’s workstations. Destroy obstacles and walls to break cordon lines. Armor-piercing shell that causes highly corrosive damage. High quality squad assembly, tactical battle trophies on an old LCD display … the OS is ready to boot and the system is in turmoil. That is, when it comes to showing the malicious virus behind the green pixel and the powerful mecha that is the real boss here.

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Mainframe defender

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$ 11.99

MAINFRAME DEFENDERS – A tactical retrofuturism strategy game. A computer virus has invaded the “Stargazer” research facility. Most robot units are controlled by viruses. Lead a team of four prototypes on a mission to protect a complex mainframe. You need to fight off the assault, destroy unit fabricators, download valuable data, clear infected nodes, and do more on your way to the deepest part of the complex. Handle item restrictions and shortcomings to build a powerful combination. Destroy enemies with various tactics. It overheats enemies, melts them with corrosion, absorbs damage, and returns fire. However, do not overly rely on a single strategy. The enemy may have a way to counter it. But above all, protect the mainframe!