Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Magical Drop II Review (SNES)

Magical Drop is the performance of Data East in a competitive puzzle game, but there is a big change-you can control the little people at the bottom of the screen to grab and throw away the colorful balloons that fall from the top, not like Tetris or Puyo Puyo fell over the cube screen. Grab, throw and match three (or more) vertically in a row, they will disappear and any other adjacent balloons of the same color will pop up.

The remaining balloons will fall upwards, possibly matching more colors and creating a combination. This will cause more balloons to be displayed on the opponent’s screen, and the overall goal is to overwhelm them. If you don’t want to play a game, there are two single player modes-one just presents a huge game environment and lasts until the balloon appears too fast to cope with it, the other presents a simple puzzle that you need to solve within a certain period of time .

Each character is based on Tarot cards. Although the elves at the bottom of the screen are small, they also have a huge animated background portrait on the playing field. They celebrate when they are done well, and shrink when they are not done well. The characters here have many personalities, and the game is notorious for the elastic World and Empress characters.

Magical Drop II originated from Neo Geo, this Super Famicom port is a very reliable conversion. Some animations are missing, but still look great for 16-bit console games. The arcade game also uses the universal clown character to represent the player, while the SFC version uses the selected character itself. Other changes are minor, such as unlocking some extra characters from the beginning.

The arcade game also has a Puyo Puyo-style Story mode, in which super-transformed versions of the characters face off in front of each map, although they remain silent in silence. Here, they actually exchanged some brief conversations. Another noteworthy change is that due to the lower resolution of the SNES, the width of the sports field has been reduced from seven balloons to six. In the confrontation mode, there are several other game types available.

Magical Drop II is pretty good, but it doesn’t look as attractive as the original Neo Geo version. It is available through the Arcade Archives series on Switch. Magical Drop III is also provided, the game is generally considered the best game in the series, it has a larger lineup of characters, expanded game board style story mode and other improvements. Most of these new features make the predecessor redundant… although using it on the Nintendo Switch Online service is convenient for those who like (or want to try) Magical Drop without spending money. Overall, it is still a reliable title.

The SFC version of Magical Drop II was originally only in Japanese, but this version is entirely in English. This translated version is different from the translated version in the Data East Classics Collection of SNES released by Retro-Bit in 2018. Therefore, it is believed that the version published on NSO was originally a prototype created to promote the English version, but was eventually cancelled. . From a preservation point of view, it must be cool to release this version.