Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s new alchemy mode leans towards digital only

Magic: The Gathering developer Wizards of the Coast announced a new play format exclusively for MTG Arena on December 9th. This new mode, called Alchemy, does not ban cards altogether, but regularly rebalances and introduces new digital-only cards. ..

Alchemy uses the same set and rotation schedule as Standard, but Wizards of the Coast reveals the fact that it is not intended to replace what is now called the “print” format. Instead, we’re using Alchemy to create new things that can more fully embrace the digitality of the arena, the way other digital card games like Hearthstone already do.

Magic: The Gathering Arena-13 new and modified cards

That is, certain printed cards have a rebalanced version of the text or abilities found only in alchemy. For example, particularly powerful cards like Allund’s Epiphany and Goldspan Dragon receive nerfs, while potentially underrated cards like Phylath and World Sculptor are buffed (all three new versions are up). You can see it in the gallery). Wizards of the Coast states that it will closely monitor the alchemy meta and make further adjustments approximately once a month to shake things.

In addition to modifying the old cards, the new Alchemy supplemental set will be released through specific booster packs approximately 4-6 weeks after each premier set.The cards in them have a digital-only mechanism similar to the one originally introduced. Jump Start: Historical Horizon Earlier this year, the metagame will be adjusted directly to what it looks like to be rocking at the time.

The first of these supplementary sets is in the world of the latest sets, Innistrad: Crimson BowIntroducing 63 new cards. You can see 10 of these new cards in the gallery above. This includes the resurrection of Conjua mechanics who can generate new cards, and zombie creatures that Wizards of the Coast explicitly intends to boost zombie-themed decks.

Paper play and regular draft formats continue as usual, but Wizards of the Coast states that the fact that formats are “solved” significantly faster in a digital environment has created a need for something like Alchemy. rice field. Standard will continue to be available in the arena as usual, but if you’re looking for a more frequently evolving metagame, Alchemy will be available as an option.

Wizards of the Coast’s continued devotion to the digitality of the arena is another way Magic: The Gathering’s identity has changed in recent years. In October, IGN met with dozens of professional players and community members. How Magic’s changing identity is changing, And a licensed crossover set with such television shows Stranger Things Or games like Fortnite and Street Fighter..