Image: Incube8 Games

Game Boy has gotten quite a few new releases, but certainly some are retro game re-releases / reskins. However, some are brand new projects and others are in progress. This machine.. Published by Incube8 Games, it appears to be the result of a development partnership between Spacebot Interactive and solo developer Ben Jelter.

Ben Jelter in particular seems to be focused on creating unique experiences. The press release emphasizes that working on the Game Boy project has all the relevant limitations and enhances creativity and innovation.

Ben Jelter is an independent artist and game developer based in Burlington, Vermont. His inspiration includes surrealism, science fiction, history and game theory.

Game Boy was Ben’s first console. If he believed it was possible, making games on the system would have been a childhood dream. Ben enjoys developing Game Boy games because system limitations facilitate the process of subtractive design.

The details of the game are still relatively thin except for the initial description and screen, but more information is promised in the future. The concept sounds interesting, but it promises multiple endings.

of This machineYou will have the opportunity to follow various story paths in the original dystopian world, exploring the internal mechanics of giant machines and the people who live there during elections that could dramatically shape the future. .. In this hierarchical society, aptitude tests determine where you are in the world from an early age, and you can experience the play of factory workers and police officers. Get to know the people around you and make decisions that can have a dramatic impact on the future of your home and its inhabitants.

When it finally lands, it will be a physical release. In the comments section, please tell us your initial information and your impressions of the screen.