Sky Shark
Image: Taito / Toaplan

Like shmups?Listen Next – Port Specialist M2 Just Announced Same flight! same! same! For Switch and PS4 as part of the ongoing M2 Shot Triggers / Toaplan Arcade Garage series.

Just like it was released Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli, Flying the same! same! same! Includes 1987 arcade title port Flying shark! (((Sky Shark North America and Flying shark In Europe). Includes 1989 sequel same! same! same! (((Fire Shark), Famous for being transplanted to Sega Megadrive / Genesis.

Both games include additional elements such as “M2 Gadgets” and Super Easy Mode. Same flight! same! same! Released in Japan in the spring of 2022.

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