Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Lost Ark: What we think after the first 20 levels

If you’re a pretty enthusiastic fan of ARPG in the Diablo stream, or if you’re interested in story-driven MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 and The Elder Scrolls Online, look already to the next western release of Lost Ark. There may be. MMO-Slash-ARPG hybrid. This has swept South Korea in the last three years (not by chance). Good news: In the closed beta version of Lost Ark, we played our own Striker, one of 15 playable advanced classes, up to level 20. In the meantime, we cleared the first continent, delved into several dungeons, including the epic story of Lost Ark and the visually gorgeous Moray ruins, and thoroughly enjoyed this amazingly deep character customization system. .. So that all these explanations don’t get in the way, what we learned in the first 20 levels of Lost Ark, and why there are enthusiastic expectations for the next 2022 westernization of this seemingly stellar action-MMORPG hybrid. It is as follows.

You need to tackle the Lost Ark battle right away before jumping into anything else. It’s very good, combining the best elements of MMOs and ARPGs, somehow reaching heights above the highest of both genres. If many other MMORPGs stick to simple tab targeting combat and repetitive loot treadmills, Lost Ark will significantly boost your ante with an action combat system that looks and feels incredibly cool at all levels. A single battle — but it doesn’t make you feel balanced and completely overwhelmed, or conversely, you have to turn your brain off for a long time to get over it. .. At the first 20 levels, you won’t feel over or under at any point. This was common during the full playthrough of Diablo 3.

Screenshots of the Lost Ark Summer of Games trailer

Back to Topic: Lost Ark’s amazing combat is partly due to how smooth everything feels as you pass through each of these plump enemies in the sight of blood and effects, but that’s a huge number of class skills. It’s also due to the variety that often brings out a sense of creativity and freshness when assigning up to eight skills to the hotbar itself and when performing in different orders and dealing with different types of enemies. You can combine them both when you unleash them in a combo. It is also flexible. You can also respecify the loadout on the fly, or completely change the behavior of each skill.

It’s also great that each advanced class has its own combat style, special movements, combos, and class dynamics, and playing as a monk-style striker can be very different from playing with a sword or shield. That is. Paladin. We’ve tried both classes, but both have their own views on Lost Ark’s bold combat system, and both have their own talents to handle these large-scale battles. I enjoyed the facts. It’s also great to see the Dodge Roll button on Lost Ark, which has a large selection of special “combat items” such as bombs, disposable trinkets, and potions. All of this pushes some of the tougher boss battles that can be as mercilessly difficult and mechanically clever as “Dark Souls” style bosses.

It’s possible to camp a particular zone for loot and XP, but the rewards are always very low, so it’s not worth it. This seems to be due to the design. From one quest, LostArk made the worst effort to keep the storyline moving forward, rewarding us with perfectly appropriate XP and boots along with access to the next cutscene or the next cutscene. Enclosed us to the next quest Zones or dungeons — Use storylines, dungeons, and NPCs for yourself, rather than sitting and grinding the same content over and over, as in FINAL FANTASY 14. Is recommended. The story itself seems to be captivated enough through its likable characters to keep things moving, even though they’re playing with the very familiar fantasy RPG note “Shoulder Angel and the Evil Devil”. .. Its cinematic and consistent voice acting certainly makes it more attractive than other MMORPG and ARPG campaigns. These campaigns usually share the fact that both genres force you to smash each level with just combat and fetch quests.

The world and scope of Lost Ark seems to be much larger than we have ever experienced. I’ve messed with and witnessed menus such as pet systems, mounts, and NPC-focused Rapport systems that seem to even have the potential to romance certain NPCs, but not enough for meaningful engagement. There are many systems that weren’t there. Or at least be very friendly with them. There seems to be a point to sail the sea with your own ship and a payment system to bet on your own land. Whether it’s good or not, there’s still a mysterious sensation surrounding the game, and I’m very excited about the 2022 launch window proposed in the West.