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Log on to Xbox on September 10th to play random lost opportunities

Roll the dice to survive in Random, a twisted kingdom from Gothic fairy tales. In Random, everything boils down to opportunities, and only brave people can succeed by learning how to bias opportunities toward themselves.

Even is a penniless girl. Her sister Odd was kidnapped from their home in Onecroft. In order to save the odd numbers, the even numbers must traverse 6 random areas. Everything in Even’s journey will be about understanding the possibilities and adapting to each unique situation before her.

At the beginning of her journey, Even will be alone, equipped with only a slingshot. The slingshot is great for breaking jars and collecting coins, but unfortunately it cannot hurt the enemy. An accidental encounter with the living dead, Dicey, will enable her to start earning a living on her own. By rolling the dice, Even will be able to fight against enemies, such as the mechanical servant of the evil queen of Random.

When Even met him, Dicey hadn’t lived his best sentimental life completely-he lost most of his ideas and could only roll 1. Nevertheless, Even and Dicey can fight together, and finding his lost ideas will become another goal of his pursuit.

Lost in random

Random battles take place in an arena that looks like a huge game board. Passing and ending a battle usually means throwing a dice to advance the player’s pieces on the board, and the ultimate goal is usually to get the player’s piece to the end. Take this work to the last place and Even will be safe. But unless you do… she won’t.

The enemy will spawn in the arena and try to take her out before she and Dicey move the player’s pieces to the end of the board. Again; Even’s slingshot cannot hurt the enemy. This is where her card deck comes in.

Lost in random

You will collect five different types of cards to build Even’s deck: weapons, damage, defense, danger, and cheating. The weapon card will equip even weapons such as bows and arrows or swords, which are different from her slingshot and can damage enemies.

  • Damage cards can cause damage in other ways, such as calling dangerous creatures to rampage around the arena or making Dicey explode (don’t worry, he will be fine). However, even these cards can be damaged, so you need to be careful.
  • Defense cards can help you heal and protect and even use potions and shields and other things. When the enemy is approaching or your health drops, it is good to have a defensive card on hand.
  • Danger cards allow you to add dangers to the arena, such as traps that damage, weaken, or slow down enemies. For example, you can set up a cannon to attack the enemy.
  • Cheating cards can increase your chances of benefiting you through special effects, allowing you to play cards more easily and faster, move players’ pieces further, or draw more cards from the deck to your hand.

Building Even’s deck is an exercise in creativity and strategy.

Lost in random

As she traverses Random, Even will become stronger by collecting cards and restoring Dicey’s lost points, allowing her to roll higher numbers in battle. Even needs to collect Dicey’s lost points to pass through Random’s towns, because entering different towns (Onecroft, Two-Town, Threedom, Four-Town, Fivetropolis, and Sixtopia) depends on her ability to scroll through each town number.

Random looks like a chaotic place, and survival ultimately means accepting it. There are many possibilities, and you will not always know what will happen next, but most of the time you will know what will happen. You will not know if you will roll 3, but you will know what will happen if you roll. By understanding the odds, you will be able to prepare for victory.

Play odds. win the game. Lost in random Will be available on September 10, 2021, and can be Pre-order now on Xbox Store.

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