Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Loco Motive announces new comedy adventure from Chucklefish, Switch

Publisher Chucklefish has announced that Robust Games’ point-and-click adventure Loco Motive will be available at Switch Station in the summer of 2022. As featured in today’s Indie World Showcase, this game features point-and-click styling and gameplay of the excellent Agatha Christie novel murder mystery and classic Lucasarts adventures.

Originally created for a two-week game jam by the indie development team and now rebuilt from scratch for PCs and consoles, Loco Motive allows you to investigate catastrophic events on board a luxury ship. Orient Lois Express.You control some characters in the process of your investigation to find the murderer — certainly her death wasn’t accident — Of one Lady Unterwald.

Conspiracy, puzzles, pixel art, mustaches — If you’ve played 90’s adventure games, you can relax here. There’s also a nice thimble weed park-style in-game hotline for making calls if you get a little stuck for kids younger than you can remember the 90’s.

See some screenshots below and an overview of the features of the PR blurb.

-A comedy adventure that hits like smooth jazz on an express train of the 1930s
● Control 3 playable characters in an interrelated comedy adventure
● Unravel the humorous and deadly mystery of twisting, twisting, and slapstick
● Meet a train full of eccentric and slightly suspicious passengers
● Solve item-based puzzles without doing anything. Don’t bother your head for hours.
● Use the interactive character controls directly or select Classic and choose how to play
Point and click experience
● Beautiful and detailed pixel art full of charm and individuality
● Do I need to make some fine adjustments in the right direction? In-game tips Phone to help call lines!
● Full voice with the sexy sound of composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven)

Game — By the way, Available at In the original proof-of-concept game jam format, there are some ardent testimonials from: PC gamer When Alpha beta gamer — May hit Switch in the summer of 2022 and be added to the console’s list of point-and-click adventure games.

If you point to yourself and click in the direction of this chew next year, or if you have played the game before, please let us know below.