Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Location of animal meat ingredients-Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide

Final edit:

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan can hunt local wild animals to collect various types of meat, which can be given to the Duke in exchange for a permanent increase in his health, defense capabilities and speed.

You can find three basic animal meats, including some rare quality meats used in certain more powerful upgrades. However, you may miss the positions of several animals. Although only a certain number is required for each upgrade, it is easy to miss the early upgrade.

In total, you need the following amounts to perform each upgrade from Duke’s Kitchen:

meat Required amount Amount Available
meat 12 17
fish 14 17
poultry 12 13
Juicy game 1 piece 1 piece
Quality meat 1 piece 1 piece
Best fish 1 piece 1 piece

For information on the location of each animal, fish, and bird you can find, please refer to the following sections for more details: