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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, we performed a series of functions from each of the mainline The Legend of Zelda games to explore specific aspects such as theme, character, mechanic, location, and memory. Today, to commemorate LttP’s 30th anniversary, Kate republishes this feature, which talks about one of the franchise’s most iconic installations …

I played first The Legend of Zelda: Links to the Past In 2003, at Game Boy Advance. It’s not the original, but given that it didn’t understand the fine motor controls when it first went on sale in 1991, I don’t think we could finish it with the SNES. Then again, I never finished it with the GBA. Technically, I didn’t even complete the first temple.

continue! Please clean up the rake! I promise to get better.

I spent about 50 hours on my little Game Boy Advance SP (with a screen light that saves eyesight) to explore links to the world of the past.From the beginning of that atmospheric rain to the discovery (and soon forgetting) of a dying uncle in the intestines of the castle, the game grabbed me with a heartstring. Pulled.. But I didn’t become a legendary link.Instead, I had a sword and role-played as a clueless chap and accidentally broke through the high rules, but in reality never keep that.

You see, there was a bit in the eastern palace that I couldn’t get through. It included darkness, those horrifying speedy cyclopes stuff, and my goupy, the brain of a developing child couldn’t understand it. I wasn’t a big fan of darkness in the first place, and found that my clumsy and little hands were very difficult to avoid these beasts before finally giving in.

This bit! Curse those damn Eyegores.
This bit! Curse those damn Eyegores.

At that time, I was not good at games, but I loved it.I spent hours running around the world of Hyrule Ocarina of Time, Or explore the castle of Peach Super Mario 64..I liked to play Mario Kart As a driving adventure, not a race, I spent time following the tracks of the Kalimari Desert and being repeatedly told that I was on the “wrong road”. I wasn’t as interested in achieving the goals of the game as adventuring, discovering, and plundering every corner of the universe. At that time I had time and racing to the end was not my priority.

As a result, I spent hours crossing the world of light. I knew that There was a dark world. I could close my eyes and draw a map of “links to the past Hyral”, but I didn’t know what I was saying. Meaning.. There wasn’t a section of that world that I didn’t really know-at least a bit accessible with the limited tools I had-but like the books on that shelf, the whole band of it remains a mystery. Was the library, or the Lost Woods sword I couldn’t pull out. None of the characters helped me, even the fortune teller who told me over and over again to complete the eastern palace. But that was enough at the time. Getting stuck in the first temple may seem frustrating, but I didn’t care. For me, the adventure was in my own imagination.

Looking back on my childhood experience of linking to the past, I happened to, Typically It was Zelda. Like the first incarnation of Link’s quest, I’m indifferent to me, exist without me, jealous of its secrets like a dragon, and refuse to give up until I understand the exact puzzle answer. I wanted you to be exploring the world you did. It could have been a legendary Lonk because I was able to name him in the legendary link, or in fact, in the game, but I was a failure. As a result, High Rule kept approaching me. t passes by.

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In 2021, because of my partner, I downloaded the Nintendo Switch Online service, which gives me access to old NES and SNES games that are often forgotten, as well as some great games. The link to the past was in a gold nugget-like egg clutch – and that meant it was time. Indeed, in the decades in between, I learned enough about the game, finally beat it?

I was hoping that the link to the past would be poorly aged or compared against its descendants.How can something be piled up in glory Breath of the Wild, Or free domination Wind tact??Is that also a rival? Phantom hourglass, The first Zelda game I completed completely solo?

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the answer is “obviously you are Dingus,” but I did. Despite being only the third game in the Zelda series, the link to the past sets the tone and myth of many games that follow, but the most important thing it has established is the Zelda lowercase L. It was a legendary duality.

Some of the best games in Zelda’s 35-year history deal with the dichotomy of good and evil before and after this. Perhaps the most famous are the two worlds of Ocarina of Time: the world of child drinks and the world of adult links. The two forms of Hyrule are completely different and anxious, as they represent the fear of aging as well as the fear of the world corrupted by evil.

Actual screenshots of my final success in completing the Eastern Palace
Actual screenshots of my final success in completing the Eastern Palace

Similarly, Skyward Sword The world is above and the world is below. Connection with the world There are Hyrule and Lorule. The Breath of the Wild happens after a disaster, but there is a window to earlier times through the memory of Link. And the wind tact has a flooded world and palace under the waves and is saved by stagnation.The Legend of Zelda isn’t just about showing links over and over again Maybe … If he fails, it won’t work, but what already Did it It doesn’t work.

Links to the dark world of the past come to you as strange at first, Awakening of the linkA dreamlike accident. There is no way to know that a strange portal near the Tower of Hera will take you to a completely different land, or that the pink-haired link in the game will transform into a Duracell bunny. The games so far have been fairly standard Zelda fares. Kill monsters, explore dungeons, avoid all soldiers trying to kill you in front of you, and get important jewelry from chests in convenient locations. There are many old men who give you a mysterious quest without providing any way of helping, and their distinctive features stand around, are kidnapped, and say “Help me, link”. There is a princess including that.

Slowly and deliberately, the mystery of the Dark World was unraveled, once transformed into a nightmare place by the evil influence of Ganon as a sacred realm of gold. Lightworld looks like the whole game at first, but it turns out to be a prelude to the true story. This is a fake that can only be achieved after the relative normality of the first two games, a twist that relies on overturning the player’s existing expectations.

Step into the dark world for the first time
Step into the dark world for the first time

Perhaps later Zelda games made it much bigger, as Ocarina of Time relied on descriptive cutscenes.But the link to the past, like most retro games, keeps the mouth wide closed, except for the occasional Sahasrara. Insistent help. The link is largely left to his own device and is expected to understand it for himself. This is one of the big reasons I struggled as a kid.

I grew up in Ocarina of Time. There, Navi will tell you everything you need to know if she wants it. I was accustomed to the tutorials that came with Zelda’s subsequent possessions and the “new” 3D games that forced players to teach players how to move the camera in this embarrassing dimension.

But, completely by chance, my time with a link to the past is a perfect echo of the story itself. As a kid, I was naive, inexperienced, and weak. And the link to the past became a story about a peaceful (like) world where (yet) nothing was wrong. Zelda was still within the safety of the sanctuary. The world of light was just full of people living their lives. Hyrule’s mystery is still a mystery and has remained out of my reach.

This may look like a Daft Punk album cover, but it's the real key art of the link to the past and it's cool as a whole.
This may look like a Daft Punk album cover, but it’s the real key art of the link to the past and it’s cool as a whole. (Image: Nintendo)

As an adult – not only with decades of gaming experience under my belt, but also as a real game critic – the link to the past is, more simply, a game and can beat the game. I can do it.For links to the past In many cases Linear paths and their dungeons rely on metaphors that can be easily solved once you understand how they work. My childhood experience was similar to finding a huge, tightly locked door and guessing what it was hiding. My adult experience correctly speculates that the key is under the front door mat.

Like Ocarina of Time, there are some misfortunes in my own dichotomy with links to the past. Nothing is more sacred than a child’s imagination. The wonder I experienced High Rule at the time was pure magic. Playing the same game as an exhausted, game-wearing adult is a series of doors to unlock. Still, I think I’m lucky. Links to the past are colorful and tightly woven tapestries of legend and adventure, the forming blueprints of the Zelda series, and masterpieces of design and voluntary discovery unmatched in other Zelda games. , Probably except Breath of the Wild.

There is a part where you want to play “Link to the Past” at the time of release and experience that the logic of the video game is unpolluted in an unleashed life. But as Link has found for himself over and over again, rewriting the past has always had consequences. The link to the past is a legend and an almost unmanageable part of my childhood, and revisiting those memories by blasting it as an adult is the door to something new for me. It’s an almost sacrificial experience that isn’t well known every time you open. But only nearly 20 years later, solving the mystery of the game and discovering its true depth is a strangely perfect end that reflects the (magical) story of its own.