Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Limited Run reveals physical version of Crysis 2 remastered for Switch

Last month, Crytek Crysis Remastered Trilogy.. As you may remember, Nintendo Switch does it a little differently, and we plan to release the second and third games separately.

In addition to today’s digital release of the second game, physical distributor Limited Run Games shared the first look of a hard copy version of the game. There is also a standard version and a deluxe version that includes art cards and steel books.

“Wear a suit. It’s time to take the last step to save humanity. Crysis 2’s 6-week open pre-order at Nintendo Switch is Tuesday, November 2nd, 12:00 pm EST. Starts via the distribution line.

“Crysis 2 is also available in Deluxe Edition, including Standard Edition with art cards and Steelbooks. The 6-week booking period begins at 12:00 pm on November 2nd.”

Deluxe Edition

As mentioned above, the 6-week pre-order period for both versions of the physical release will begin on November 2nd, early next month (via the LRG website).

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