Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Limited Run Games has almost released a physical “clock” for the Nintendo Switch.

image: Limited execution game

With AAA watches coming to the e-shop this week (literally a watch app, but it’s ridiculous), Limited Run Games owner Josh Fairhurst reveals that the company has almost released its own watch for the Nintendo console. I made it. And some of us hope it has become a reality.

Known as one of the publishers specializing in physical releases of indie games on Switch, Limited Run decided in May to develop “the absolutely meaningless thing we can think of.” bottom. Fairhurst explains that the Clock has been approved with an official ESRB rating, is “100% ready for physical release,” and the trailer is ready.

Eventually, the Clock was permanently shelved, but I took a quick look at what’s included in the actual edition. Imagine trying to justify this purchase to your loved one …

image: Limited execution game

That is very, very It’s ridiculous, but does it actually look a little cool? What’s wrong with us?

The clock may never see the light of day, but at least it has enough calculators, notepads, and spy alarms to keep us going.