• Dicey Dungeons will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows 10 this Thursday.
  • A new type of RPG with a dice-focused combat system. You make your own luck!
  • Fight adorable monsters and win your heart’s desires at a game show hosted by Lady Luck!

Hello! I’m Terry Cavanagh, an indie game designer. Let’s talk about our game. Dicey DungeonsWill be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows 10 this Thursday. If you haven’t heard of it before, please tell us what it is and why you are interested in playing it.

Dicey Dungeons Is a board game RPG. Explore dungeons, fight adorable monsters, level up your character and finally try to defeat the goddess of luck. It’s easy to access and play, but it has a mechanic that rewards careful strategies and allows you to play odds cleverly.

Usually, in such video games, random numbers are generated after making a decision. When you try to hit something, it determines if the random number will land or how much damage it will do. However, Dicey Dungeons, All random things are determined by the dice roll and occur in advance. Basically, you need to roll the 6-sided dice and then use the numbers you get in the best possible way.

In other words, it’s a simple example of what to do at the beginning of the game. For example, suppose you have a sword card with a blank slot that can take the value of any dice. Placing 1 will do 1 damage, placing 6 will do 6 damage, and so on. But wait. Some armor works only with odd numbers (1, 3, or 5). 5-is the only odd number you have-so maybe it’s better to use it there. In other words, each round is a small minimax puzzle. I have a set of dice and a set of cards, how do you do the most damage? Or do you build the most shields to defend, or prepare for future turns? Games have hundreds of devices and can be quite complex.


Also, not only one character can pass through the dungeon, but six. And each of the six has a completely different set of equipment and some fairly radically different playstyles. Take a robot as an example. Instead of rolling the dice on your turn, you can roll the dice, but if the total exceeds the limit, you lose everything.

And for each of these six characters, there are six different episodes, each of which confuses the mechanics of the game in some way – different rules, different constraints, different challenges. From a design perspective, the game aims to explore these different versions of the core mechanics, turn them upside down, experiment wildly, and see what happens. In the best way, you can completely destroy the result.


Dicey Dungeons This is my third commercial game (later VVVVVV When Super hexagon). In the long run, this is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on and a personal favorite of my own game. Most of it is a game like that game designer, if it makes sense. It’s built around doing all these design experiments, trying different things, and making things a little chaotic. All the while, the game still finds a way to surprise me. We’re happy to share your game with new viewers on the Game Pass. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.