Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Lemnis Gate brings a turn-based, time-loop FPS strategy to this summer’s Xbox game pass


  • Lemnis Gate It is a puzzling turn-based tactical shooting game.
  • First look at the search XM map: structure well.
  • Lemnis Gate This summer, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass will be launched soon.

Hey everyone! I started telling you about our time loop, puzzling turn-based strategy shooter 25 seconds ago. I am very happy to announce and reveal some special surprises to you today.First of all, I am happy to announce Lemnis Gate Will land on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass – PC, console and cloud on the first day. In addition, I am happy to share with you an exclusive look for one of our Retrieve XM maps: Tectonic Wells.

Lemnis Gate It is a turn-based combat strategy FPS that introduces revolutionary 4D gameplay. In four different game modes, in five rounds of time warping, turn-based thinking and skilled shooting complement each other. You will control a group of agents who fight on various planets near the earth. At the beginning of every 25-second round, you will select one of seven agents with unique skills. Any actions you take during this round will be locked and each round will be repeated until the end of the game. Those who have played FPS games in the past will be familiar with the gameplay and abilities, but the 25-second time loop adds a new twist, allowing you to use the power of time when fighting and innovating across the past, present, and future at the same time. Skills are just as important.

This is the very cool part: in subsequent rounds, you will directly interact with past versions of you and your opponents. Is your goal to defend the previous instance of your own agent? Or is it fighting to clear the enemy from the battlefield? Before making a decision, use the reconnaissance drone to plan the game between the two rounds. The drone provides a bird’s-eye view of the map, so you can track the movement. But be careful, because your opponent will do exactly the same thing.

Another core game mechanic that needs attention is the ghost Lemnis Gate, Death is not the end. Through careful planning and tactical thinking, your actions can change the course of the previous rounds. For example, imagine that one of your agents was killed by a grenade in the second round. For example, you can use KARL’s protective ball to counterattack in future rounds. This means that your dead agent is back in the game, and all subsequent games will be executed and affect the progress of the game.These additional mechanisms, coupled with progressive layering within a 25-inch time loop, reward appropriate abstraction and quirky thinking, making Lemnis Gate Such a fresh experience.

Lemnis Gate

As I mentioned before, there are four exciting game modes to choose from, and today we will take a closer look at Retrieve XM. The goal is to collect exotic substances and send them back to your base, while preventing your opponents from doing so. By the end of the fifth round, the team with the most possessions was declared a victory. There are several maps that can use this mode, and Tectonic Wells-the one we will show today-is one of them.

So what is a structural well? The tectonic well is a broken planet wrapped in an unstable magnesium core. A world full of dangers, with weird and bubbling magnetic anomalies in motion. It balances speed and precision platforms, enticing players to stay away from inaccessible roads, in order to gain only a fraction of a second to defeat them. opponent. But be careful, take a foul step, or push your limit too hard, and you will fall into the magnetic depths of the abyss below.When designing a world Lemnis GateNo matter what the game world is, we must remember that the player only has 25 seconds per round. If the goal is to be achieved, the operator needs to get in and out quickly. Quick navigation, corner cutting, and risk and reward are all important themes that exist in Tectonic Wells.

Lemnis Gate

Soon, players everywhere have the opportunity to fight to protect their reality. But only a timetable will be left. Will it be yours? Maybe it’s already yours?One of the pleasures Lemnis Gate Whether in the 1st or 5th round, we are constantly innovating and discovering new ways to outwit our opponents tactically. No matter which world you are fighting in, you must observe, plan and execute, with weapons in the battle against your opponents.

I can’t wait for you to experience not only Tectonic Wells, but also the entire Lemnis Gate, You’ll soon discover that no two matches are the same.Get ready for an innovative, brain strategy shooter game that is designed to be played time and time again Lemnis Gate Launched with Xbox Game Pass on the first day of this summer, it can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and the cloud.

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