Monday, December 6th, 2021

LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Set Announced as Halloween Treat

Nintendo and Lego have worked together again to provide fans with three new spooky Lego sets based on Luigi’s Mansion.

All three Luigi’s Mansion LEGO sets (Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Portargust Expansion Set, Luigi’s Mansion Entryway Expansion Set, Luigi’s Mansion Haunt and Seek Expansion Set) were released on January 1, 2022, and other characters such as King Boo. Will appear. , Polterpup, Bogmire, Toad, E. Professor Gadd, and Boo.

These sets do not include Lego Luigi or Lego Mario. These interactive figures must be purchased as part of the Starter Course.

The LEGO Super Mario Luigi Mansion Lab and Porter Gust Expansion Set is priced at $ 24.99 and includes the iconic Porter Gust that Luigi can install using either regular nozzles or strobe accessories. By pressing the button on Porter Gust, Luigi can catch the Gold Ghost and “collect coin rewards from the lab’s machine”.

The LEGO Super Mario Luigi Mansion Entrance Expansion Set costs $ 39.99 and allows you to “go on the road to a terrifying mansion where you need to find a creative way to defeat Bogmaia.” You can also search for Golden Bone in Polterpup and encounter Boo.

Lego Super Mario Luigi Mansion Set

Finally, the LEGO Super Mario Luigi Mansion Haunt and Seek Expansion Set costs $ 79.99, allowing players to “rotate the corridor to explore and create levels to fight ghosts hunting jewels.” There are hidden gems to be discovered, allowing builders to connect all three new sets together.

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