Image: Capcom / Oliver Harper

Mick Maginty, the man behind the iconic SNES Street fighter II Cover artwork died.

McGinty is a very talented artist, as evidenced by his impressive collection of works. Personal siteHowever, for gamers in the 90’s, his output is almost synonymous with a video game cover.

He is probably most famous to Nintendo fans for creating the Western cover artwork for the SNES version of Street Fighter II. At the time, many had problems with the “westernization” of artwork, but it’s a very common practice for companies like Nintendo to outsource entirely new artwork that’s better suited to a particular region. bottom.

Maginty’s cover, which features Chun-Li fighting Blanka in Ryu’s prone position, has gone down as one of the most famous video game covers to date.What is the relationship between McGinty and Street Fighter? Street Fighter II: Champion Edition With Mega Drive / Genesis Street Fighter II Turbo With SNES Super Street Fighter II..

In addition to producing works from Capcom’s famous series, McGinty City of Anger 2 When City of Anger 3, As Kid chameleon When Shining force.. Twitter account VG Densetsu We’ve put together a great thread to showcase some of McGinty’s work in the field of video games.

Talking about his father’s commitment to crafts, his son Jobey McGinty share Next message:

As we all know, my dad was a great artist. And in true artist fashion, he was also never happy with his final work. Just a few weeks ago, he said he needed “an extra hour with some pieces” to “really complete them.” But we all knew it wasn’t true. Dad always visits our house, sees some of the paintings he has drawn for us over the years, puts his nose about an inch from there, and says, “Yes. I wish I had made that blues, Jobe. ” “A little deeper”, “I want to add a little more shadow to the tree”, “I really need to apply a new varnish” and so on.

McGinty was interviewed for the next Street Fighter II documentary Here comes a new challenger, Currently in the final stages of a funding drive Indiegogo.. Therefore, it represents McGinty’s final interview. Some of them can be seen near the 1:15 mark in the trailer below.