Saturday, July 31st, 2021

LeBron James joins Fortnite’s Icon series

King James has arrived Fort night!Just working with Tune Squad, the four-time NBA champion and league MVP brought his legacy to Fort nightIcon series.

LeBron in the goods store

Starting from July 14th, Xbox players can purchase LeBron James Outfit, which combines LeBron’s best personality on the court and before the game. It includes LeBron James Outfit and King’s Back Bling. Sunglasses are optional!

LeBron James Outfit also includes King’s Bling Back Bling.

Improve your appearance with other items available in the King James Gear Bundle. It is characterized by:

  • Lion pick
  • Wingspan glider
  • Use LeBron’s on-court celebration “The Silencer” to quiet the game.
Fortnite-LeBron James suit
Items provided in the King James Gear Bundle.

For LeBron’s Outfit, Back Bling, Pickaxe and Glider, use the progressive editing slider to add additional layers of customization. The slider allows you to add more than 20 golden variations to your appearance.

Tune Squad and Taco Tuesday

Players can buy it separately and play Tune Squad LeBron before the premiere of LeBron’s new live-action/animated film “Space Slam Dunk: A New Legacy”.

Fortnite Tune Squad
Welcome to jam!

Want to eat melon on the wild side of LeBron? To celebrate his love of tacos, Tune Squad LeBron Outfit also includes LeBron’s Taco Tuesday style and Pack Supreme Back Bling.

Tacos on tuesday
LeBron’s Taco Tuesday suit shocked Taco’s Tuesday Nike LeBron 19.

Starting at 8pm EST on Wednesday, July 14th, look for all LeBron products in the store.

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Fortress night

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