Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Learn to master the soulless, brutal counterattack coming soon on the Xbox

Fight in stunning landscapes and bring peace to your restless soul. Soulless Is a fast-paced fighting game that challenges you to master control as you progress through the stages. I prepared the battlefield. Your goal is to ruin it and master your unique movements.

The player takes on the role of Maras, the prince of the fallen kingdom attacked by the undead.To take revenge and discover the reasons behind the corrupt kingdom and world, you need to defeat various soulless enemies and bosses. Soulless..

All of this takes place on beautifully crafted stages inspired by landmarks around the world.If you’re ready to learn more about gameplay, you’ll find the following key features: Soulless:

Play in an interactive environment

Knock the pillars and use them as bridges to stun enemies by hitting them against the wall. The objects around you will be placed there for your use. These interactive terrains allow you to take different approaches to planning your trip. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of creative movements players will come up with.


Unstoppable with timed attacks

There is a chain attack, then a counterattack. You can also use both to perform a series of counterattacks if you move at the right time. Depending on when you decide to press the attack button, the combination of attack speed and skill will be different. If you find a combination that you can use comfortably, it will last a long time.

Collect lost souls and gain fierce power

Finally, let’s talk about the soul. They are needed to heal themselves and escape the mob. Besides those that are consumed quickly, there are also collectable souls that unleash special abilities. Combine the skills given by these souls with your attacks to do powerful damage.


This is just one example of what was stored when the game was released later this year. Please check Soulless Website To see other techniques and strategies you can use to help the fallen prince take revenge and uncover the secrets hidden behind the lost soul. And keep an eye on us, Unsouled!