One of the games we’re most excited about this summer is Cult of the Lamb, a cruel and cute simulator like Animal Crossing did. completely Off the rails, and on behalf of the forest creature capitalist was about the forest creature satanists.

Prior to the game’s August 11th release date, a new trailer will be released with tips and tricks needed to create your own cult. Many have been found to be based on kisses and bribes. This is a good thing to know.

Good news for those who need boos in every game. You can marry anyone in the cult at CultoftheLamb. You can have several marriages if you wish. Be aware that excessive PDAs can reduce the loyalty of other loyal followers … and they are a muddy bunch.

Pre-ordering the Cult of the Lamb unlocks Cthulhu’s follower-only skins, allowing you to customize all cult players. And you can marry them all.Who I have not Have you ever dreamed of marrying more than one Cthulhu?