Monday, September 20th, 2021

Later this week, Nintendo Switch received an infrared spy alert

The current studio Sabec is maintaining its current schedule of weekly Switch releases through Spy Alarm, which is the latest “game” on eShop.

As you may remember, calculators exploded on the Internet a few weeks ago (in the process leading to a ridiculous trend of prank comments), and then swift action was taken. Xylophone, May forever consolidate Sabec’s position as the publisher of unnecessary applications on the Nintendo digital store. However, with Spy Alarm, the studio can take advantage of at least one of the underutilized and underestimated features of the Switch.

The eShop list shows: “The spy alarm works by transmitting an invisible infrared trip wire. If it breaks, it will sound an alarm.” A suitable Joy-Con infrared camera comes into play here, emitting an invisible beam if someone Or if something crosses the beam, an alarm will be issued from the console.

You can choose from four different alarm sounds, just in case you use it for some important espionage work in some way, the app also includes an “intruder recorder” that can track your absence The number of times the alarm was triggered at time. We suspect that James Bond will download this file for the next task, but if you suspect that the cat might pinch a snack on the table every time it goes out, then we might think this is useful.

Spy Alarm will be launched on Nintendo Switch on May 27th, priced at $9.99. Make sure to dive into the “comments” section below and share your thoughts.