Last Shelter Survival Reviews : more than a strategic game

Last Shelter Survival Reviews : more than a strategic game

Many of you must have played survival game before. Today, we will talk about Last Shelter Survival mobile version. This game looks simple and easy to most players. But with the deepening of the experience, you will be more attracted by this innovative tactical work! First of all, the picture of the game is in front of us. There is no denying that the game model is more sophisticated. In the field of vision of the city map, players can have a full view of the main city buildings, plants and so on, and even blocks of stone on the road are clearly visible. In addition, woodland, farmland and mineral resources also have the appearance corresponding to the type and grade.

Close to the reality of the screen design, can indeed multiply the authenticity of the game. However, the interpretation of authenticity in the Strategic Edition of Last Shelter is more embodied in the level of playing mechanism. Based on the original “free march” mechanism and the classical “ready to fight” method, this work extends the confrontation of strategy and strategy to the marching level.

As for the enemy forces directly approaching our main city, we can deploy troops to intercept them along their route. In the course of the expedition, we can adjust our army’s route in real time according to the enemy’s position, and realize diversified tactics such as luring the enemy deep and circuitous. Particularly worth mentioning is that in the coalition warfare in which many people participate and a large number of troops invest, the cooperation between players can better realize the tactics and the interweaving of multi-war events is enough to upgrade small-scale warfare to large-scale warfare.

Compared with the rule of one-way return in the same kind of mobile game, the Last Shelter Survival brings more vivid experience of ancient warfare to the players by restoring the real marching situation in the battlefield. At the same time, in the rapidly changing confrontation, we can also put our understanding of tactics and control of time into practice, so as to enjoy the art of command.

At the same time, Last Shelter Survival game also pioneered terrain antagonism. Valleys, trestles, ports and other terrain can play a role of barriers in the game, combined with the free March mechanism we mentioned earlier, when you and the strength of the opponents are equally difficult to win or lose, maybe according to local conditions to take ambush, bypass raids and other tactics, you can reap unexpected results. Therefore, the abstract concept of terrain in SLG has become a strategic factor that players can not ignore. And these are the same kind of mobile game is difficult to present at present.

It is worth mentioning that each military general has the appropriate type of military, dispatching the right general to lead the right kind of military, often can achieve remarkable results in the battlefield. Previously, the author learned through reconnaissance that there were three soldiers and 2400 archers stationed in a resource area. According to the relationship between the shield and the bow, I dispatched two soldiers and 800 shield soldiers to conscript. Although the number of troops was very different, they won the battle in the end. What’s more excited is that you can use Last Shelter Survival Cheats to get soldiers any time if you want!

In addition, the introduction of the suitability of military generals has reversed the unreasonable situation of high-ranking generals hanging low-ranking generals. Regarding the fitness of cavalry alone, the four-star generals given by the system are Guan Ping-suitability, while the five-star generals Zhou Yu-suitability is B. If they are similar in rank and carrying tactics, Zhou Yu will be at a relative disadvantage.

It has to be said that the strong restraint relationship and the adaptability system of military generals in this work not only greatly enhance the depth of the game’s strategy, but also closer to the authenticity of the ancient battlefield, making the game more playable and interesting. In addition, it can not be ignored that to some extent, it also weakens the disparity brought about by the quality of generals, and consolidates the decisive role of strategic ability in the victory or defeat of the battle.