Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Kuratos voice actor Christopher Judge says he is the god of the reason for the war: Ragnarok was late

Christopher Judge, the voice behind Kratos in the 2018 God of War and the next sequel, said his surgery was the reason God of War: Ragnarok was delayed from the original 2021 release window. ..

The judge shared this story on Twitter Continue God of War is IGN’s greatest video game champion in history. His quote tweeted a tweet from God of War Engineering Leader Ziet Schlov He continued to thank his fans and sent love to his God of War family as it responded to the victory.

“Thanks to all the fans. Thank you not only to GofW, but to the gaming community.” The judge wrote. “All our games were the lifeblood of these difficult times. For my GofW family, I’m never shy to tell you how much I love you all! Laughs, cries, and is amazing! “

An hour later, he revealed the news that God of War: Ragnarok, whose release window was released in 2021 at the PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020, was postponed to 2022 because of him.

“”[100%] With my feelings now ” The judge continued. “I have to come. This has not been approved by anyone. To my beloved fandom, Ragnarok was late for me. In August 2019, I couldn’t walk. Surgery, replacement of both hips, and surgery on the knees were needed .. They were waiting for me to rehabilitate too.

“No threat, no,’Who do you think?’ Nothing but love and support. @ SonySantaMonica doesn’t say a word about delays and their causes. I hate studios. But this company should give us hope from top to bottom.

“What they did for the crew is much more … I can’t speak, but I told everyone involved, [it is the classiest] What I have never heard of in this business. Everyone involved in the GofW franchise puts their mind and soul in every frame you see. I want to thank everyone who allowed me to play … and laugh, love, and cry in all of us, without judgment, but with unconditional support and love. “

The judge also ended with revealing that Cory Barlog would not oversee the sequel and that he had resigned after being told that Eric Williams would replace him. However, Barlog quickly eased his worries, and the judge realized that “ERIC WILLIAMS is mortherf ***** BEAST !!!”.

“Finally. Barlog told @Tribeca he wouldn’t oversee the sequel.” The judge said. “I quit. (Not a joke) He said, do you trust me? (Yes) He said Eric was a beast. [motherf*****] beast! !! !! “

Barlog responded to the judge’s tweet Saying, “My friend, I’ll go through a thousand fires for you.” As if that wasn’t enough, he also included the Lord of the Rings Aragorn gif, which says, “You have my sword.”

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