Konami’s free-play alternative to the famous Pro Evolution Soccer series, the eFootball 2022, is currently on a fairly scary launch. Fans across social media highlight many of the game’s problems, from glitches to poor character models. Searching the Reddit page of the eFootball community takes less time to find posts detailing their concerns. It does not cost. From the seemingly suspicious referee’s decision to the clip of the goalkeeper who made a bigger mistake than Loris Karius in the Champions League final, the game’s AI issues are raised many times by the person who played the game.These are issues that patches may address at a later date, but that’s not the only reason people find the release of eFootball disappointing. Many posts across Twitter have criticized the game’s character model, with fans comparing its animated crowd with zombies and the creepy model of players on the pitch with those who catch catfish on dating sites. doing.

Some members of the eFootball community may want the nervous images of the game’s character model to disappear, while others are experiencing direct invisibility issues during the match. In addition to a visual bug that indicates that the soccer player’s arm is abnormally bent, some fans seem to have encountered a player who literally disappeared from the pitch during gameplay or corner kicks. ..

Overall, it’s no exaggeration to say that most of the eFootball community isn’t very happy with what they’ve seen in previous games.according to Steam 250EFootball, a website that ranks and assigns games by score based on a combination of Steam reviews and the number of players reviewed, currently ranks among the lowest rated games in Steam history. It has been robbing the mantle since 2011. Flat out 3.

In a video published on Twitter, content creator @TheVerminator summarized some of the ideas shared by those who feel disappointed with the release of eFootball. “We all want to love this game,” says Streamer. “We’re not here because we hate games. We’re here because we love games. This isn’t the game we love. It’s not the game we grew up playing with. It’s no longer a game .. It’s gone. PES is dead. EFootball is dead. Konami killed it. “

Prior to its release, Konami stated that the game would basically launch as a demo at this point, with some additional mechanics, game modes, and player types added during future updates. It looks like it will take a lot of time to get some members of the community back at this point, but the studio hopes to do so by releasing additional content in the coming months. ..

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN.You can follow him twitter..