Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Konami’s eFootball does not yet support cross-save or cross-progression

At Konami Winning eleven Fully released later this year, the Soccer Sim will feature cross-play between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and mobile devices, but will support cross-save and cross-progression between these systems. It will not be. Hopefully that’s not always the case.

Following a two-hour hands-on preview of eFootball by IGN, Konami told IGN, “eFootball does not currently support cross-progression or cross-save between different platforms, but will include it in the future. I am aiming for it. “

Cross-save and cross-progression means that eFootball profiles, saves, and related purchases can be made on different platforms. So, before you go out, you can upload your Creative League progress, for example from your PS5, and continue with it on your mobile eFootball. Sadly, it will seem impossible for some time.

eFootball Screenshot-September 2021

eFootball will not include full cross-play in its first release on September 30th (players in the console family may match), but a major update is scheduled for this fall and the game Android and iOS versions of. However, cross-play is not completely required. Konami states that console players can opt out of playing with mobile gamers.

eFootball is the successor to Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer and will be available on September 30th in a limited format with 9 teams and no microtransactions.In addition to the lack of complete cross-play it is It also lacks some important gameplay features such as “sharp kicks” and tactile feedback. The fall update should add more, including paid content.

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