Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Konami mocks plans to outsource more IP after GetsuFumaDen’s revival


According to reports, after GuruGuru announced its release, Konami is willing to outsource more company game brands. GetsuFumaDen: The Immortal Moon.Original game Gesang Fuma Biography Released exclusively as Famicom in 1987.

According to Konami’s Shin Murato (also the producer of Undying Moon), there is more to be done.This is what he has to say JPG image When asked if the Japanese company plans to outsource its IP to other companies.

“We are constantly inspired by various indie games and how they innovate and make exciting games. We think GetsuFumaDen is bringing back interesting IP that follows this independent approach, so we decided to contact GuruGuru because we know the team very well.

“They have been exploring new methods of graphic design and think they are very suitable for the IP. This also helps fans of the original GetsuFumaDen game in the GuruGuru team. In terms of other cooperation, please wait for similar projects in the future!”

Although there may not be more information about these “future projects” soon, fans have been very excited about its trademark renewal recently. Castlevania with Rise of Metal Gear In Japan.

GetsuFumaDen: The immortal moon will be converted in 2022
GetsuFumaDen: The immortal moon will be converted in 2022 Picture: Konami)

The remake of GetsuFūmaDen will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022. Before that, please tell us what else you would like to see in return from other Konami IPs. Leave a comment below.