Konami is working on Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill series of games, with both internal and external studios reportedly connected.

Anonymous publisher said VGC Konami is refocusing on game development in its most beloved series. According to those same sources, the first of those games is Castlevania’s “reimagination”, which is primarily developed by the internal Konami Studios.

The report adds that Konami plans to remaster the original Metal Gear Solid game for the new console and the possibility of a complete remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Many speculate that remake specialist Bluepoint will be working on a remake of MGS, but according to VGC sources, this is a switchport for Singapore studio Virtuos (formerly Dark Souls Remastered among other projects). Was being processed by).

This is supported by game data analysts Millie A Millie A commented that after Blue Point was acquired by Sony, the studio was actually working on a remake with the original game, but not a Metal Gear game.

Finally, VGC reaffirms that several Silent Hill games are under development, one of which is a “prominent” Japanese developer. Many believe that the Polish Bloomer team is working on another Silent Hill game after the partnership between the two companies has been announced.

I asked Konami for comment. Developers have recently set up a Western publishing department and have made small moves towards developing new console games. The company also reorganized its gaming division earlier this year to make it more efficient. Konami released a collection of the popular Castlevania Dracula games last week. This could also be an attempt to test the waters of the series.

Konami recently renamed the long-running PES series as eFootball and switched to a structure that allows it to be played for free. Unfortunately, the game suffers from a very volatile launch.

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