Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Konami Competition imposes tasks on indie developers by reviving classic IP

Konami is currently hosting a Japanese indie game contest (in collaboration with Shueisha Game Creators Camp), asking small team developers to create action and shooters based on their classic IP. doing.

The winner will win 2 million yen (about US $ 18,000) and will be given the opportunity to commercialize the game. Konami will invest up to 30 million yen (about 270,000 US dollars) in development funds to fully support the product. This includes directors, production advice, localization support, promotions and equipment.

Konami lists over 80 different games for creators to rethink, remake, and even create sequels, and creators combine genres that may not necessarily have been featured in the original game. can do. Some of the titles mentioned are: Twinbee, Gradius A series like Goemon.

Rumors of a round earlier this week suggested that Konami was interested in reviving older IPs such as: Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid When Silent Hill -Some are backed by third-party studios.

What if you could create an action or shooter based on the classic Konami IP? Share your own ideas in the comments.