Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Konami and the terrorist expert Bloober team confirm the “cooperation agreement”

© Konami

To end the long-standing rumors, Konami and Bloober Team both officially announced a “strategic cooperation agreement”, and the two companies confirmed that this would mean “co-development of selected content and exchange of technical know-how.”

Konami certainly does not need to be introduced, but in recent years it has been working together to increase production again; although it has developed Electronic Football PES Internally, publishers have been seeking various other editions from third parties. Bloober Team is famous for its horror games, the most recent medium.

The announcement will further strengthen the speculation that we might see a return silent Hill Franchise rights, because this is obviously very suitable for the experience of the Bloober Team.This will definitely be a high-profile project, and franchise rights such as Metal Gear with Castlevania Rumors are also being spread, although they do not seem to be suitable for the cooperation of the Bloober team.

In the next few years, may we see the results of Konami / Bloober Team’s cooperation on Nintendo hardware? Probably, this undoubtedly depends on whether Konami is eager to reach a large audience of Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Konami is publishing and supporting upcoming GetsuFumaDen: For example, the immortal month on the platform.As far as the Bloober team is concerned, although The Medium is unlikely to enter the Switch because of its extremely demanding visual effects and dual-screen mechanism, like Blair Witch with Layers of Fear 2 There are switch ports.

It may take a while for us to see the results of this “cooperation agreement”, but it will definitely be interesting.