Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Koei Tecmo wants to make Mario and Star Wars Musou games

Koei Tecmo has recently obtained a license, from “Dragon Quest” to “The Legend of Zelda”, which is derived from “Dynasty Warriors”, has achieved a lot of success. There will undoubtedly be more, but what’s next? The president of Koei Tecmo has several ideas. Player, Koei Tecmo President Hisashi Koinuma talked about his personal desire to see it as the theme of the “Warrior” (also known as “Wushuang”) game. “Mario and Star Wars are two great series that I think of. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to work with these IPs yet.”

Koinuma did not elaborate on why he specifically chose these franchises, but due to lack of imagination, it is not difficult to imagine Mario Warriors or Star Wars Jedi Warriors. Both series have all the elements of an excellent Wushuang game: a distinctive environment, a huge cast and an interesting environment.Koei Tecmo’s most recent attempt is “Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster”, we call this a trip to welcome you back to the world of Breathing the Wild. Our review stated that although it missed some characterization opportunities, it was still a blast from beginning to end.

In general, Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have established a strong relationship. In addition to the Warriors version of “Fire Emblem” and “The Legend of Zelda”, it played a big role in the development of “Fire Emblem: Sannomiya”.

As for “Star Wars”, Disney is now seeking opportunities to cooperate with other developers outside of EA. It’s hard to imagine slicing through clusters of Battle Droids and Stormtroopers like Luke Skywalker or Mace Windu.

Currently, Koei Tecmo focuses on the more traditional aspects of the “Warrior” series. Its next version is “Samurai Warriors 5”, which will be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch next month.