Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Klonoa “Encore” trademark released online in Japan

image: Via Nintendo

After Namco Bandai filed several trademarks in Japan in September 2019, rumors spread about the possibility of the classic Namco character Klonoa returning.

Fast forwarding in September 2021, Japanese companies are currently submitting several applications. New arrival “TrademarkWaffu encore” When “1 & 2 encore“It’s in the same place. The word” encore “is Bamco’s subtitled remaster of the game (eg,” “Encore” instead of “Katamari Damacy” ) Recently in Japan.

And, as Gematsu pointed out, the word “Waffuu” is the catchphrase for the main character in the series’ floppy ears. When the news about Chronoa’s potential returns surfaced in 2019, it was around the same time that the trademark appeared. Mr. Driller Drill Land: Drill Land (Mr. Driller “Encore” in Japan).

Klonoa was born on the PlayStation in 1997 and appeared on several Nintendo platforms between the GBA and Wii generations. Want to see this character come back? Please leave a comment below.