Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Klang 2 Review (Switch eShop)

It goes without saying that Klang2 stands out a bit from the pack just for this often overlooked genre, as the rhythm games available on the Switch aren’t exactly abundant (yes, not recently). I don’t know why Tinimations decided to bring Klang2 to the switch before its predecessor, but we’ve seen this entry to be the strongest of the two. Klang 2 isn’t perfect, it’s pretty short, but it’s been successful in providing a fun rhythm action experience that fans of the genre want to know.

Klang 2 has a technical story, but few feel particularly worth the experience. You can see that he plays the role of a memory-loss “rave warrior” called Sonus. Sonus is plagued by ghosts that are somehow associated with his mysterious tuning fork-like tune blade. Therefore, a mysterious magical eye named “A-Eye” decides to help him get rid of the ghost forever, but if it swear his immortal loyalty after he’s done. Limited to.

Or something like that; it’s a really strangely told story.

Aside from the weirdness of all the stories, the rhythm action gameplay at the heart of Clan 2 hits all the right beats. There are only two factors to worry about: the left stick and the “Y” button. Point the stick at the symbol to the music and tap “Y” as needed to pass the level. Simple enough, but the fact that all the rhythmic gameplay is layered on top of the battle makes things a bit more complicated. Each tap corresponds to Sonus dashing and swiping an enemy with a tune blade. This confuses gameplay as you always need to be aware of both Sonus positions. When The position of the next symbol.

It’s common for his dash to have to change the L-stick input in the last second, which can make some thrilling sequences. The downside of this is that Sonus is as bright a neon color as everything else on the screen, so it’s very easy to lose sight of him with a sensory overload of the song’s climax. Enough mistake. Such moments occur so often that they tend to disrupt the flow of gameplay, but I finally noticed a zen-like state of crushing dozens of beats in a row with perfect precision. There is no such thing as time. .. So while the gameplay is satisfying, Klang2 could have made the more intense moments a little more readable.

Not surprisingly, rhythm games are nothing without a killer soundtrack. Fortunately, Klang2 isn’t disappointed in this regard. This soundtrack is packed with thrilling and intense house and techno tracks that perfectly match the ridiculously colorful fantasy environment. I have to say that music tracks tend to get blurry after a while, but I find it worthwhile because there is plenty of variety here.

Despite the problems with Klang 2, I still feel that it offers a satisfying and unique rhythm genre take that is at least worth considering. This isn’t necessarily a recommended title for anyone trying to get their feet wet in a rhythm game, but fans will find it enough to love it, at least worth the relatively low admission.