Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Kitaria Fables Review (Switch) | Nintendo Life

Seven years have passed since the fantasy life, a level 5 toy-like RPG masterpiece, appeared on the Western 3DS, and since then, like the addict seeking the next hit, I’ve been looking for something to recreate that feeling. I’ve been. Between games like Ni no Kuni (level 5) and games like cute Rune Factory like Littlewood, we’re getting closer … but with an amazing twist, Nyanza’s adventure is me Young brothers in fantasy life who have never seen us come.

The pitch doesn’t really play the game’s justice. “Fun and cute action-adventure RPG with agriculture and craft” makes us feel it Another farming game The theme of fatigue and cats that followed Stardew Valley, to be honest, was hoping for something boring. After all, we’ve been burned to pretty things before.

Instead, we found a wonderfully robust and surprisingly vast RPG. Actually cute — Too many games don’t nail the cuteness, but the second time we met Timmy, a young chinchilla who runs a small shop in your home village, we were sold. rice field.

The central battle for Nyanza’s adventure is the fairly standard RPG fare. Monsters become more aggressive, such as “I need a hero”, “I have a hero here”, “It’s dangerous to go alone”. There is an ominous undercurrent.In nature, magic is prohibited Secret reason.

A “classless” combat system will be introduced soon. The system allows you to create your own spells and melee attacks using swords, bows, and four basic spells. Weapons and armor can be upgraded with monster materials and major changes, resulting in more intense attacks and longer lasting health.

So yes, Nyanza’s adventure is certainly not trying to break the mold, but its linearity is not necessarily bad. Playing Kitaria Fables feels like stepping on the board of a cafe you go to every day. It’s comfortable, warm and secure. Kitaria Fables is perfect if you like games that move your brain with unconscious yet fun crushing, dotted with very light farming and occasional exploration or new areas to explore.

But the most fantasy life part is combat. Just as you can switch classes in fantasy life to take on monsters such as paladins, mercenaries, hunters, and magicians, in Nyanza’s adventures you can choose how to defeat slimes (“gooey”) and golems. If you prefer a strong sword with internal organs (and don’t mind the risk and reward factors), you can dump and upgrade all the materials. If you like slow-burning magic and archery, you have a lot. And of course, you can combine them on the fly, depending on your enemies and terrain.

Again, like fantasy life, there are various themed areas such as deserts, frozen mountains, some cave dungeons, forests, etc., each of which is a “killer” that roams freely according to the climate. there is. There are a variety of bosses, from tricky for beginners to this guy who can kill at a glance. Just level up your equipment and you have a chance to kill. they. They also respawn daily so you can do a lot of practice, but the increased damage and HP are related to your ability to collect materials and cash, not XP, so you’ll need a lot more grinding ..

Between story missions and light farming, crushing makes up the bulk of the game. Collect materials that sell for a lot of money, invest that money in weapons, use upgraded weapons to kill monsters, look for more materials, rinse and repeat. That grind isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly for us. Sometimes the game was dragged (especially if one quest required a bunch of vegetables that would take days to grow), but once done, it recovered again. I did the necessary work.

Some minor issues spoil the experience, such as a weird audio bug where the water.wav sound effect plays about 100 times. In other words, after passing a calm river, it sounds like you are standing at the foot of Niagara. drop down. This can easily be fixed by closing and reopening the game, but otherwise quite unpleasant for games with beautiful soundscapes.

A more serious bug is the tendency for enemies in certain areas to fall off the map. This really only matters in certain situations where the road is blocked until all monsters can be defeated and forced to be trapped in a cave. Reset to last save (usually once a day). The patch notes for Update 1.0.4 want to fix this, but this patch hasn’t been pushed to Switch at the time of writing (I just got 1.0.2).

It’s hard to make progress in the first few hours due to a slightly volatile pace and lack of knowledge about where to get certain material, but since we fell in love in the first few hours. , We can’t really care about the game, after all. I don’t know if this is a bug or an oversight, but I wish I had more points for fast travel. Some of them are strangely separated, and some towns have only one-way portals.

The only thing you can’t miss Nyanza’s adventure is Minimal Sentence. There are three UI sizes, and I set it to “Large” all the time, but it was as if I was reading a book from the other side of the room, whether it was a handheld or a TV. It’s amazing because there are other accessibility considerations out there, such as fully remapable buttons, but now it’s a headache for everyone who squints, so tiny text will be adjusted in the future. I hope it will be done.

Despite these bugs and problems, Nyanza’s adventure was an absolute pleasure. I’ve played for a total of 30 hours and the ending is a bit sudden, but it’s full of hopeful joy for a fantasy life to live in this indie DNA.