Amiibo support
image: Nintendo

Co-op Kirby of the Stars and Forgotten LandHowever, obviously another thing that is included in the game is amiibo support. According to the My Nintendo Store in Japan, Kirby’s latest adventures support a line of popular figures.

There are no details on the supported amiibo or what to do in-game, but Nintendo seems to have plans to reprint some of the previous Kirby stuff.user With Reddit, Found a new list with Kirby Super Smash Bros. Kirby of the Stars amiibo-May be re-released at some point next month.

But for now, you have to wait for what happens. Kirby’s Dream Land and the Forgotten Land will arrive at Nintendo Switch on March 25th. Interested in supporting amiibo on your new Kirby outing? Please leave a comment below.

Amiibo support

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