Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Kingdom to Crown expands to legendary Northland

Use the power of Norse mythology to get the right place for you in Valhalla!

Kingdom to crownThe latest in the Kingdom franchise, is known to many as a visually appealing pixel art strategy game. The essence of the Kingdom game is easy to learn, seemingly minimalist Kingdom management. You can recruit new and forever loyal citizens, assign them professions, build buildings, and gradually expand your kingdom-all with the simplest controls you can imagine.

This approach is one of the highlights of the Kingdom franchise.However Kingdom to crown This time you can play in cooperation with the second player, so it is very different from the previous work. When the game is played on a two-dimensional stage, the kingdom expands in two directions accordingly. Therefore, partners can help protect these two fronts from mysterious enemies.


Inspired by rich Scandinavian culture and mythology, a large premium expansion Northland for Kingdom to crown Not only will you add brand new settings to your main game, but you’ll also add new dangers, units, puzzles and more! For example, Berserker is one of the new powerful units that can withstand the greed of shadows as they ride behind Fenrir in an ever-expanding kingdom and unleash the power of Norse mythology!


But be aware, greed also has new powers in their ranks, and the powers of the Norse gods are not so easily tamed and unfolded. Mysterious statues are scattered around the island, waiting for the secret to be revealed by a clever monarch. Only then can the player benefit from the gods. are you ready? NS Northland We’re waiting for you!

Xbox Live

Kingdom to Crown: Northland Edition

Raw anger

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$ 24.99

Kingdom Two Crowns bring a side-scrolling microstrategy with a minimalist atmosphere wrapped in beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetics. You are an ambitious monarch at the top of a trusted Steed who seeks faithful themes to build and protect the kingdom from the night creatures who are trying to destroy everything and get the crown! Now your journey extends north with a whole new campaign setting inspired by the Viking culture. Kingdom Two Crowns: The Norse Lands Edition includes Kingdom Two Crowns and the all-new Norse Lands DLC. Grab the crown and use the power of the Norse gods to command powerful units, create Viking-inspired weapons, solve puzzles and take on new greed.