Saturday, June 12th, 2021

King of the Ocean Review (Switch eShop)

3DClouds is the studio behind all-star fruit racing, xenon racing and Ryan racing racers. They spent some time off the track and returned through the pirate adventure generated by the program, allowing the player to become a true king of the ocean . Here are some pirates of Sid Meier, Sea of ​​Thieves There is even a little bit of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that is well into the battle. However, the initial hope will soon be revealed. This is really a disappointing superficial experience. It is happy to complete repetitive acquisition tasks and attribute the exciting and lawless life of pirates to endless continuous honing. .

However, let us always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, because the beginning of the matter did have a good start, and the initial storyline seemed to be full of conspiracy, revenge and adventure. Starting from “King of the Sea”, you will choose whether to play the male or female version of the central protagonist of the game. After quickly mastering the quick tutorial on how to command a small Sloop, you are caught in a story of seeing yourself in battle. Your father takes revenge, clears your name, and restores this legal heir to the throne of this water world. In the beginning, there were magicians, voodoos, Royal Navy villains, double crossing games and various pranks. Early gameplay impressions indicate that this person is capable of supporting his seductive narrative.

Controlling your clumsy little brigs, sloops, sailboats and frigates is a breeze here, and it feels good to start. Your speed depends on how many sails are in the three sails you are currently unfolding. The left bumper slows you down and the right bumper accelerates you. This is a simple system, but it allows you to perform some beautiful operations in battle, slowing it down until it stops to make a sharp turn, and then speeding up immediately when you change direction, so that you can almost “handbrake” your turn The ships let the enemy fall and exploded their cannons at their bows and arrows.

Speaking of cannons, each ship has a different number of linings on the left and right sides (starboard and port?), pressing “LT” or “RT” will fire at your enemy. It needs good timing and positioning to get a clear shot on the enemy ship and choose when to open the door to attack, maneuver the ship into a harmful way so that you can successfully unload the gun, this is the most attractive part of the king of the sea . In addition, there are many ridiculous special moves based on magic. When everything is done in your own way, you will have a somewhat troublesome combat system.

For the reasons explained in the entire game story, “King of the Sea” allows you to equip your spaceship with a variety of OTT magical powers and attack powers to help you gain the upper hand in naval battles. Our current favorite drilling rig-the fast, highly maneuverable little Sloop-can summon the tentacles of the Kraken from the depths and shoot them down on the enemy ship. It can accelerate the lift-off, avoid damage, and leave a deadly fire. Temporarily transformed into an illusory version of itself, all incoming flames will pass through it without causing damage. You can summon sharks to attack, create supernatural clouds to confuse your prey, use the boat as a burning ram and even make your crew pee on the cannon to reduce loading time!

By picking up debris floating in the water, searching for sunken ships, stealing treasures from the beach, completing missions or just buying them in the port market, new ship power and upgrades can be found on and around the game map. The usual common, epic and legendary forms. In addition, you will also find a small number of commodities and items that can be traded profitably in many ports you encounter, and there is a basic economic operation mode, that is, the price of certain commodities in some ports is higher than that in other ports. The price of goods is high. At any given time. All the cash you earn from it enables you to buy new equipment or buy ships, and the XP you get while fighting and collecting items allows you to assign to the skill tree you want now, which can be divided into firepower, mobility and magic upgrade.

So far, so good. There is a good premise here. Fighting and basic ship control are very good. We can definitely sail down the high seas to fight, find new gadgets for our ship, and participate in the basic economy of the game as the story develops. However, spending more time with the “King of the Sea” and things will soon fall apart. This story is so promising, it ruined all its own surprises very suddenly, and attracted it in a very early door expo junkyard.Fighting is undoubtedly a small dose of fun while advancing in your own way, but due to the lack of fast travel, you are reborn on the same base (usually miles away from the target), so it becomes very boring every time Once dead, the auxiliary task will soon show that he is the worst re-acquisition task filler.

Indeed, after an hour or two, the game fell into a ruthless and severe test that didn’t even try to hide. Very early on, we performed a major battle mission that required us to defeat a ship several levels higher than us, and every time it approached it, it immediately kicked the pirate’s ass away.Therefore, in order to upgrade (at this time we do not know that the enemy ship will upgrade side by side with us), we decided to perform some side missions and perform three different missions. The results are all Exactly Just like our troubled campaign mission, everyone wants us to destroy this same high-level warship. In the end, we found that without the help of the game, we could buy power from the carpenter in the port, which allowed us to pass the first major test of skill, but it was not that it took us many hours to earn With the money and XP, our level slowly increased, we were dying, was regenerated at the other end of the map, and returned arduously for another attempt. It does feel excessive punishment, and even on normal difficulty, the game will continue to punish you for the first few hours before you gain some decent strength and combat abilities.

What’s even more annoying is that there seems to be no real rhyme or reason for how much damage you have suffered in the battle here. Sometimes the enemy will sink you with two shots, and sometimes you seem to be almost unable to withstand the cannon shooting. The damage can be divided into three parts, namely the crew, the hull, and the sails. They should provide a little strategy for the battle because you can switch between the three types of ammunition to target each of these elements of the enemy airship. However, in fact, this does not seem to have changed much. We finally forgot to change the type of ammunition and rely almost entirely on our supernatural ability to fight the range, because the close range and the human body are so nonsense. . In addition to randomly extending tentacles that can kill a ship, it can also destroy your ship, constantly being interfered by other ships, turning 1v1 battles into chaotic debris, and a repair system that makes you continue to run out of materials to make up for the loss. The fighting here quickly became a drag-which is really unfortunate, because fighting is indeed all that the King of the Sea can provide.

In this game, everything except the battleship is very basic. The economy is simple. Finding treasures and upgrading ships is exciting at first, but quickly becomes repetitive and tedious. Slowly revealing the world map is a puzzling thing. The whole thing seems to be in a few hours. It’s completely exhausted of thoughts inside. For example, another mission later in the story completely abandoned the pretense of all efforts and told you that you only need to upgrade yourself to level 35 to continue the main battle. When this happens, we are at level 29, so we can only expect to spend a few hours, wasting our time on boring, repetitive side tasks, picking up items for XP, sinking ships for XP, and slowing around the world Wandering. In order to enter level 35, we can continue to tell the story. This is not good.

We also didn’t really mention the map. We are not sure if we have to open the game map so frequently to check the direction of advancement. This is a mystery, why developers don’t just add waypoints to the game’s UI so that we don’t have to constantly pause the action to check the target location. In addition, when we do this, why is the level 17 mission to send out a piece of cake or some rum instead of the level 7 mission to attack the ship? Why can we get a little treasure quickly and get almost as much XP as we can earn by participating in a full-scale sea battle that requires several attempts to complete? This game has many absurd elements, many of which are poorly explained if it is to be explained.

There are also some very serious performance issues on the Switch. When you cross the ocean, the game will continue to pause, repeatedly stopping for one second due to difficulty keeping up and loading in a new area. When you move around, you can see the texture of the water materialize in front of your ship at any time, and when there are more than two ships fighting each other, the frame rate has a habit of severely deteriorating.

In the end, “King of the Sea” is really disappointing. This is a beautiful-looking little pirate game with all the important details. It was very promising at first, but later suffered a thousand self-injured scimitar casualties. Combat is useful, even short combat is fun, but due to frustrating instant lethality, no fast travel options and confusing damage mechanism, combat becomes boring. This story died early, and all the other content provided is really a waste of time. Continuous sharpening will soon satisfy any of your wishes, and you may need to persevere to the end.If you absolutely Desperate For some pirate ship pranks, you may find hours of fun here, but other than that, this is a high seas adventure that is hard to recommend.

in conclusion

“The King of the Sea” started pretty well, first of all it was a promising story and combat mechanics, which was very interesting at first. However, the pace of repetition will not be too long. This is a game with a serious lack of depth, discarding most of its early promises, and instead adopting a marsh-standard narrative, repetitive side missions, and excessively punitive battles. Know nothing about this and waste your money. Time and constant, numbing teeth grinding quickly become a tedious waste of work. If you absolutely desire to venture on the high seas, the short battle here will still bring some fun, but other than that, this is really more like Sir Francis Drake than Sir Francis Drake.