Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

King of Seas sets sail with free “Monster Update”

King of the sea It was a little talked about in May, but the reviews felt too moody. Indeed, it seemed like a game that would benefit from updates and balancing. We had our first patch in the summer, but today we have a major free “Monster Update” with lots of content and “a significant improvement in quality of life”.

Headline additions, along with some other new additions found in the ocean, are a group of mythical and intimidating creatures to undertake. The good news is that it also promises “changed” requirements for some quest lines and hopefully facilitates grind. The details are as follows.

The Monster Update introduces several new in-game quests that, once triggered, summon mythical sea creatures such as basilisks, abyssal fish, cursed golems, and krakens, allowing players to fight or plunder. You can do it.

-Guardian sharks and crabs Protect treasures and shipwrecks
-Friendly encounter With whales and killer whales in the open ocean
―――― Changed requirements Make them easier to complete for some quest lines
―――― Significant improvement in quality of life To make the King of Sea experience better than ever.

It should drop today, so if you’re a King of Seas player, it might be worth checking out.