Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Kickstarter’s successful agricultural simulation “Cloudscape” brings us a fantastic atmosphere of life

Cloudscape is a very cute farm fighting friendship game, inspired by Littlewood, Stardew Valley, Fantasy Life and Animal Crossing, and added the inspiration of A Link to the Past-its total revenue from the completed Kickstarter campaign was US$208,806 .

Like “Animal Crossing”, the islands you washed out at the beginning of Cloudscape will be generated through some hand-made preset programs, making it unique to anyone else’s experience.But unlike any game that inspired it, Cloudscape will not guide you out of the mine when your health bar reaches zero-no, in Cloudscape, you will die for it Real number.


When you die, your soul will be sent to Limbo, where you must win a game about death itself to be resurrected.

But listen, we know what you are here for-this is because we used the word “agriculture” in the title, and you want to know what else Cloudscape can provide you, so that Harvest Moon once left in your heart A hole. Well, we will keep it simple in the form of a list of sexy points, these features will surely arouse your interest:

  • You can keep pets!
  • There is fishing!
  • There is also logging, digging, foraging, cooking and mining!
  • Cooking is a little game!
  • You can build your own furniture and decorations!
  • Ranching and farming are independent activities, with your own skill tree!
  • Oh right, there is also a skill tree!
  • You can sleep Anywhere In the game!
  • You can get 11 upgrade tools out of the 12 skills in the game (no tools for foraging and socializing)!
  • Weather and seasonal cycles!
  • Geomorphic!
  • Character customization!
  • All kinds of clothing and accessories!
  • Date characters of any gender!

More importantly, Kickstarter achieved all extension goals with a total amount of more than $200,000, which means that the following content will also appear in the game:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Two new lovers
  • Child and your partner
  • Additional game modes
  • multiplayer game

As part of the game’s various promises, there will be a physical version of Cloudscape on the Switch. Several senior supporters will also design monsters, characters, decorations and furniture for the game.

We’ve introduced Cloudscape before because it’s not only cute, but it’s made by Chris Gottrand, A former animator SpongeBob, Rather strange parents, kungfu Panda, Boss baby, There are a lot more.Music is made by Samantha van der louis, Whose most recent credits include work Mandalorian with Avengers: Endgame. you can Listen to some of her works from Cloudscape’s soundtrack on Soundcloud.

Kickstarter is over, so there is no more chance to come back, but it looks like the planned release date is July 2023.