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Key Choices and Consequences-Mass Effect Wiki Guide

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On this page, we only list the choices that have “main” and “medium” effects in “Mass Effect 1” and/or its sequel, and have been divided into these two parts and arranged roughly in chronological order. Options that only have a small impact (such as resuming an email) are not listed.

caveat: Needless to say, yes Heavy The spoilers on this page are not only Mass Effect 1, but also 2 and 3. This page will list the choices and your choices, and then detail the consequences of each choice in the “destroy box”. Read at your own risk.

There is no need to meet Garrus Vakarian at the Med clinic to complete the “Castle: Expose Sari” mission (but this requires meeting and recruiting Urdnot Wrex). If this is the case, after you expose Saren and become a ghost, he will wait for you outside the central C-Sec elevator. Here, you can decide whether to recruit him:

Recruiting Gallus

Ignore Gallus

Recruit Wrex


There is no need to meet Urdnot Wrex at the Med Clinic to complete the “Castle: Expose Sari” mission (but this requires meeting and recruiting Garrus Vakarian). If this is the case, after you expose Saren and become a ghost, he will wait for you outside the central C-Sec elevator. Here, you can decide whether to recruit him:

Recruit King

Ignore Rex

One of your early tasks is to search for Liara T’Soni in the Artemis Tau cluster. Her response to you may be very different, depending on whether you have completed multiple mission worlds before pursuing her.

Find Liara after one or fewer mission worlds

Find Liara after Feros and Noveria

After Virmire, look for Liara

Felos: The fate of the colony

In this important mission, you can complete secondary missions, use charm/intimidation to persuade Fai Dan, and use special grenades to help ensure the survival of the colony. Then, based on these actions, the fate of the colony is determined through survival checks.

Save the colony

Closing the colony

Novaria (Noveria): The Rachni Queen

At the end of the Noveria Mission series, you will meet Rachni Queen and must choose whether to forgive her or let her escape, or kill her with acid.

Keep Queen Rachni

Killing Queen Lacini

Finally, the DLC’s “Let the Sky Come Down” mission has an important decision. You must choose between keeping the hostages and letting Barak drop or sacrificing them, or sacrificing them in order to attack Barak.

Save the hostages

Attack on Barak

In the early days of “Virmire Mission”, you will learn that Saren found a way to cure Genophage in the laboratory, and Wrex is angry about it and thinks it will be destroyed. You have to face him face to face on the beach to find a solution.

To persuade Wrex to stand down, you need to earn 8 Charisma points or complete the “Wrex: Family Armor” mission to unlock the necessary options to save him. Otherwise, you can shoot him yourself, and if you told her to “be vigilant” earlier, you can order Ashley to shoot him, or you can’t find a solution that caused Ashley to kill himself.

Rex Life

re die

Virmire: Kaidan and Ashley

At the end of Virmire, you will have to choose to rescue Kaidan or Ashley, who will be at the bomb site or AA tower (who is where depends on the person you assigned to the Kirashi team before the attack).


Sharon dialogue about Vermeer

At the end of the “Vermeer” mission, you will have an in-depth conversation with Saren in the ally with Sovereign. Finally, you will have a “survey” option on the left: this marks an important final choice for when Saren appears.

If you select “It has already happened!” or “You have been indoctrinated”, you will open the persuasion options, which will take effect later in the game.


The last Shalin conversation

In the last conversation with Saren, you can choose to persuade him to resist the Reaper implant. This requires 12 points for the “Charm” or “Intimidation” attribute, but if you select the “Charm/Intimidation” option on Virmire, you only need 9 points. If you can’t, you must choose “This is meaningless”.


“It makes no sense”

Destiny ascends

During the mission, after meeting Saren, you will have to choose whether you want to order an alliance fleet to save your destiny, or ignore it and focus on sovereignty.

Save destiny promotion

Focus on sovereignty

Human Committee

Through your actions in the final mission, you will be able to choose the human senator who will join/lead the castle council between Udina and Anderson.


Interestingly, you did not really remember this choice when saving Mass Effect 1, because the game will not be saved afterwards.When saving and importing “Mass Effect 1” to “Mass Effect 2,” the system will ask you for this choice and the selected object in advance There Will be reflected in 2 and 3.

When you rush into Chora’s study, you can choose to kill or exempt the owner Fist. This can be up to you or Wrex can do it automatically because he was hired to kill Fist.

Spare fist (by selection and Wrex does not exist)

Kill the fist (by choice or in the presence of Wrex)

Early castle missions may have an impact on the missions in Mass Effect 3, depending on whether you have completed the mission.

Completed assignment

Incomplete allocation

At the end of this assignment, you can decide whether to kill or fire Helena Blake after deciding whether to dismiss Helena Blake.

Spare Helena

Kill Helena

The mission is located on the moon in the Sol system of the local cluster, and if completed, it will lead to other conversations in the sequel.

Completed assignment

Incomplete allocation

Hang on the council

After completing each mission world and reporting to the group, you will have the opportunity to report to the Security Council. In each process, one of them will challenge a decision of Shepard, and you can choose to interrupt the call.

Repeatedly disconnect

This mission is obtained by one of the following three methods. It will send you to the Macedonian system Sharjila planet of Artemis Tau’s Macedonian system, kill an Asari mercenary, and then fight her sister Nassana on the castle. Things will change depending on whether this confrontation occurs.

Completed assignment

When you complete the mission of the entire galaxy, the interaction with Garrus will allow you to influence him to become more legal or more legal, including during the Garrus: Dr. Saleon mission.

Legal influence

Gong Hao’s influence

Tully and Guth

After completing the UNC: Geth Invasion side task in the Armstrong cluster, if you remember, you can choose to talk to Tali in Engineering. Here, you can ask Tali to copy the geth data to complete her pilgrimage, or reject her altogether/ignore her altogether. If you visited the Milky Way map before talking to Tully, then you will miss the opportunity.

Let Tali copy the data

Don’t let Tali copy data

Incomplete allocation

If this mission is completed on Nepheron planet in the Columbia system of the “Voyager 2” constellation, the mission will affect the “Mass Effect” before “UNC: Missing Marines” and “UNC: Cerberus” The moment of dialogue in 2″.

Completed assignment

Incomplete allocation

Believe it or not, but completing these three tasks will actually make a difference! Their task is to obtain a joint license from Elkoss from Ward or Opold’s Expat in Noveria to complete the data recovery task of Gavin Hossle on Feros: Feros, and to find at least 10 of the 15 Asari works.

If you complete these tasks and Conrad Verner is not dead, then it will work in the second half of the story.

Completed tasks

Unfinished task

This assignment you talked with reporters outside the central C-Sec elevator will play a role in future games:

Start distribution

Assignment not started

When you visit the castle for the first time after completing the main mission world, you will find a couple in the presidium who are arguing whether to use gene therapy to avoid heart disease. After finishing the assignment, you will decide to meet with them later.

Completed assignment

Incomplete allocation

Noveria: The fate of Palasini

At the end of this mission, you will be provided with several options on how to resolve Gianna Parasini’s investigation of the administrator Anoleis, which can determine whether Parasini is alive or dead.

Notify Anoleis Parasini as a proxy

Any other method

“Castle: Fans” is a long-term mission, divided into three stages: you get the first mission during your first visit to the castle, and the next two missions are unlocked by completing Mission Worlds. In the third interaction, you can use the “Charm/Intimidation” option for one effect, and the three normal options on the right for another effect.


“This is a bad idea” / “This will not happen” / “No”

Virmire: assisting Kirrahe’s team

This small task was completed early in the “Vermeer: ​​Assault” mission, and you will get four tasks that can help Kira’s team complete: interrupt communications, destroy satellite uplinks, destroy leaflets, and disable alarms. Interestingly, only “Destruction Flyers” will truly affect Kirashi’s fate.

Destroy the flyer

Ignore the flyer

Virmire: Rana Thanoptis

During the attack on Virmire, you will meet an Asari scientist in the base, you can forgive or let him escape.

Lana escape

Lana is killed