Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Kemco’s latest sales discount offers 11 role-playing games across switches and 3DS

Just like the sun or angry internet commentator ruined everyone’s day on Monday morning, you can always Relying on digital Kemco transactions is coming soon.

Yes, the publisher made another sale on the Nintendo eShop, this time reducing the price of 11 RPGs on the Switch and 3DS by 50%. We have found all the offers for you below (this promotion is valid for a limited time in Europe, North America and Australia):

The legend of quarters
40% off | Nintendo Switch

The holy sword that sealed the ominous power has been pulled out, and darkness began to spread across the land, turning people into monsters. The four ancient Tetrarch heroes will meet with a group of brave warriors and travel through the darkness with the brilliance of courage! Besides chaos, what else can they find?

The story of the nineties
40% off | Nintendo Switch

Shendoah-the world protected by Sephiroth. However, as the power of the world’s big trees began to weaken, countless people were eroded and eroded, which turned them into monsters. Now that the world is on the verge of destruction, an improbable band embarks on an adventure with their beliefs… However, at the end of the journey, what shocking truth awaits them…?

Frein: Dragon’s Adventure
40% off | Nintendo Switch

Kunah, a boy from the Fire Dragon tribe, was summoned by the god who ruled over the heavens and the earth (Vanneth) and was told to bring the lost angel maid Escude from the Angel clan back to Vanneth (Vanneth) ). He and his childhood friend, the daughter of the Ice Dragon Chief, Riel, hunted down the missing girl and went to the vast world under the clouds to find mysterious and interesting adventures.

Brandel Wizards
40% off | Nintendo Switch

The young wizard Darius lost his house after failing to repay his loan and ended up living for free in the house of a wanted wizard! When he meets a female swordsman who has absolutely no sense of direction, and a plant girl, if she doesn’t drink enough water, she will immediately go to the riv, the order of fate will eventually make them travel together. What will quarrels over different principles lead to?

Chronicles of Albastia
50% off | Nintendo Switch

After meeting the man who killed her parents ten years ago, the priestess Elmia; her brother and protector Alan set out to take revenge to death because they were trying to stop the wave of monsters from flooding into the upper world. And restore peace in Alvastia.
However, in order to gather an army of many companions with the same goal, can they really gain the necessary power to bring their parents’ killers to justice and save the world…?

Desperate Saga
50% off | Nintendo Switch

You should know: Revenant Saga will integrate more than 30 hours of gameplay and revolve around Albert’s meticulous journey. This includes a variety of unique sub-tasks, a conversion system in battle, and a weapon forging system that allows players to make completely unique weapons!

Vengeance dogma
40% off | Nintendo Switch

Humans gain divine power through the power of sacred beasts, while the Saien worship all living beings called wild gods. When these two races try to develop in harmony, a stench is produced. The protagonist Caine infiltrates the ruins and finds a mysterious girl wearing a mask. This girl has black wings like a wild god…! This strange encounter becomes a catalyst for a grand plan that will change the world of mankind and Tai’anists. Will the power of God lead to prosperity or destruction… As this epic story unfolds, you will find out!

50% off | Nintendo 3DS

Alphadia uses an orthodox turn-based combat system, which evokes a sense of nostalgia with its classic RPG style. Its exquisite game balance and easy-to-use interface make the game available to players of any skill level, while providing more than 30 hours of game time. Come experience Alphadia and witness its dramatic story!

Legna Tactics
50% off | Nintendo 3DS

Two boys, everyone has the same dream: to get rid of the world of war. In order to realize this dream, is it better to protect the weak? Or is it better to move on to gain power, even if it sometimes means losing something? In the turbulent world, boys’ thoughts and emotions are abandoned like floating leaves. When you work for real peace, how will your choices affect the results? Enjoy the fun of fighting with subtle and precise tactics!

50% off | Nintendo 3DS

As always, the protagonist is training hard with his teacher Eppol to become a respected hero. After the training course, a mysterious light appeared in front of them, engulfing both. Summoned to another world, the two men were at a loss for the situation and began a journey to find a way back to their hometown.

Dragon lapis lazuli
40% off | Nintendo 3DS

The arrival of a new hero! A story spanning a thousand years is now beginning to unfold!
A thousand years ago, a fierce battle took place between two dragons. A huge battle took place. One dragon and the other silver were blocked. Many centuries later, the Silver Dragon awakened again and launched an attack on the border villages. Lucas is a guard of the Royal Guard. He hardly knew that he was actually the descendant of a hero who once sealed the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon in human form. However, when the tragedy happened, he soon embarked on an adventure to save the world!

Is there anything you want to see? Let us know if you can take advantage of any of these offers in the comments.