Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Kemco Sale discounts 11 RPGs across Switch and 3DS

Another month, another sale from Kemco. It’s a tradition at this point..

Yes, Japanese publishers and developers are back in another discount round across Switch and 3DS eShops. With a total of 11 RPGs on sale, Kemco’s lineup of mass-produced role-playing adventures isn’t usually considered the best, but this is a very good way to buy a variety of games. is. A big fan of this genre.

All currently available transactions are:

Alphadia Genesis
35% Off | Nintendo Switch

Lagoon-A world governed by two great kingdoms, Archleign and Ghalzabine. Citizens of this world, delighted by the newly discovered era of peace, lived in harmony with each other until the murder by clones shook the heart of society. Knowing that the case was not negligible, the two kingdoms set up a joint investigation team to determine the cause and bring the responsible person to trial. But when the clues begin to look like a gunpowder path heading straight toward the explosive barrel, things look much more volatile than everyone initially imagined …

Miden Tower
35% Off | Nintendo Switch

After the Miden Tower was invaded by the Arobar Empire, the sorcerers who call it their hometown find themselves cornered on the upper floors. This causes a series of tragic events that lead to the launch of a counterattack to regain the towers and gain revenge on the mistakes made against them.

Sephirosic story
45% Off | Nintendo Switch

Shendor-A world protected by Sephiroth. However, as the power of the world tree began to decline, it was defeated by the swamp invaded by countless people and transformed into a monster. Now that the world is on the verge of destruction, unlikely bands begin their adventures with their beliefs … but at the end of their journey any shocking truth awaits them. mosquito…?

Fran: Dragons Odyssey
45% Off | Nintendo Switch

One day, the Fire Dragon boy Kuna was summoned by Vannes, the god of the upper world, and told to bring Escudo, a girl lost from the angelic clan, back to Vannes. Follow the missing girl with her childhood friend, the daughter of the Ice Dragon Chief, Riel, and explore the vast world under the clouds to discover a mysterious and fun adventure.

Seek Hearts
45% Off | Nintendo Switch

The question of why he was born and who made it comes to mind, and Izen embarks on a journey to discover his origins. But when he and the people with him seek the answer to this mystery, they don’t notice the shadow creeping on them with the intention of stopping them from dying on their trucks …

Antiquia Lost
50% Off | Nintendo Switch

Vine, a young man living in a small rural village, spends his days in peace, working for the villagers and dealing with the devil. One day, a girl Lunaria, who lives near the village, asked me to go to the royal capital together.

After a surprising journey, the two arrive in the capital. They are excited to come to the city for the first time, but are greeted by one of the castle soldiers who are supposed to protect their citizens. With more and more disappearances, the expectations of rulers are mixed. And some are forgotten …

Revenant Saga
50% Off | Nintendo Switch

What you need to know: Revenant Saga incorporates over 30 hours of gameplay woven into Albert’s elaborate journey. This includes a variety of unique subquests, in-combat conversion systems, and weapon forging systems that allow players to create their own weapons.

Revenant Dogma
45% Off | Nintendo Switch

Humans have acquired the power of God through the power of the Holy Beast, but Theria worships various beings known as wild gods. When the two races try to prosper in harmony, they stink. The main character, Cain, infiltrates the ruins and finds a mysterious girl in the mask. This girl has the same black wings as the wild god …! This strange encounter triggers a grand plan to change the world of humans and theria. Will God’s power lead to prosperity and destruction … Find out as this epic story unfolds!

Empty folklore
50% Off | Nintendo Switch, 3DS

Times have changed and the presence of grimoires has become less relevant to everyday life. Young Ale is in the middle of his coming-of-age ceremony when his town is suddenly attacked by the devil and engulfed in flames. In this turmoil, Aile signs an agreement with Nogard’s Air Grimore to save everyone …

Infinite Dunami
50% Off | Nintendo 3DS

One day on his way home from work in Royal City, a talented engineer named Luke encounters Esther, a young woman being attacked in a cave near the village. After dodging her attacker, he tries to pull her out of a pile of discarded mechanical parts to discover that she is a half-robot! Luke was a little curious about what he encountered and decided to take Esther home for repair, but knows very little about the sequence of events he was intertwined with …!

Dragon sinker
50% Off | Nintendo 3DS

Join forces with humans, elves and dwarves to embark on a journey to kill the evil dragon Wilmvag!
Featuring 8-bit graphics and sounds reminiscent of the golden age of RPG, Dragon Sinker brings a visual and audio feast to the nostalgic hungry gamer’s table of the great classics of the past!

Is there anything you care about? Let us know in the comments if you want to pick up any of these games.