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Judge the book on its cover: Making a remastered Alan Wake

original Alan Wake Is a game close to the hearts of many, including us here at Remedy and the host of enthusiastic Xbox fans who got their first release on the Xbox 360 in 2010. , We know that we must not only stay true to that heritage, but also work hard to bring the experience to present it to a whole new audience by raising the graphics to the latest standards. Was there.

To that end, we have partnered with d3t talented people. This is a team with extensive experience and technical knowledge about remastering modern classics.The core team that created the original Alan Wake Remedy is working very closely on this remaster with d3t.

Now let’s take a look at the comparison trailer, then briefly explain the remastering process and how the project was organized.

It ’s good, it ’s wonderful.Hopefully you will agree with it Alan Wake Looks better than ever! Therefore, the first step in such a project is called “catalogization”. This means breaking down the game into its components, not just a list of everything that makes it up. To properly remaster the game, you really need to understand how everything is combined and how all the elements relate to and interact with each other. Data structures, asset and code reuse, naming conventions, tools, plugins … all! Think of it as a group of scientists who put something under a microscope to examine a cell.

If you’re developing your game from scratch, this happens very naturally as your project progresses, but to remaster your game, you need to learn it before you start. Overall, considering the entire heap of environment, props, textures, sound effects, UI elements, cinematics, and support data, it’s easy to see about 100,000 individual items. There is no small feat. Once that was done, the remastering development was divided into five core areas: coding, environment, characters, animation, and cinema.

The coding side of the project started by creating a baseline. This basically means converting all the old system that is the skeleton of the game to a new version that is compatible with the new platform and behaves exactly like the original system. development.

Original release version of Alan Wake Developed specifically for the Xbox 360, it was later ported to the PC. In other words, it only supported one rendering API called DirectX 9. Of course, technology has advanced since then, so an important first step was to update the renderer and support engine. A system that supports the latest standards. Then there’s a new controller, updated audio standards, achievements, saved games, and all the other up-to-date systems to consider.It’s also important to note what we’re talking about Remaster,not Remake.. This means that you are using the original engine. This can make it very difficult to implement new and up-to-date features if you are using an engine that is more than 10 years old.

So what’s new Alan Way Climaster?? To get started, the game runs at 60 fps at 4K on the Xbox Series X and at 1080p at 60 fps on the Series S. You can see reworked cutscenes with improved face animation and lip sync, a richer environment, and enhanced character models. Updated skin shader and hair shader. Improvements have also been made to materials and textures in general, including antialiasing, shadows, wind simulation, and increased drawing distance.

Alan Way Climaster

Being a game focused on such a story, Alan Way ClimasterThe cast of over 30 characters is a big part of the overall experience and, of course, was an area where we spent a lot of time. The complete team of character artists has returned to the original reference material to make the character look like the original actor. In the comparison trailer, you should be able to find significant improvements in the characters themselves and the materials used in their costumes, and add more realism and detail.

Apart from the character model, the animation team has transformed the game by significantly upgrading face animations, core gameplay movements, and more. This included creating a new rig for the character’s face, a whole new motion capture for dialogue, and over 600 additional poses created to better represent the performance. If you look closely, there are many very small details such as hand animations and idle movements. In addition, a dedicated cinematics team has updated every scene in the game (over an hour in total), integrating everything from the new motion capture mentioned above to more advanced post-production effects.

The character itself is a central part of the game, but the environment is just as important and requires as much attention and attention as Alain himself.With that in mind, a dedicated sub-team was working Overall For trees and leaves. Forests are a very complex environment. The team did this by adding all the new details such as ferns, moss, fallen leaves, and other ground areas, as well as improving the animation of wind-blown trees.

Alan Way Climaster

The environmental team worked closely with programmers to upgrade the terrain itself, adding complexity and fidelity to a variety of materials, from soil and rocks to mountains, to urban materials such as concrete and paved roads. .. The team of artists then began working to make Bright Falls fascinating and dramatic by adding more detail to buildings, vehicles, and other objects.

That’s it. This was a simple whistle stop tour of the work done so far. Alan Way ClimasterHowever, I hope that you will get the scale of such a project and the ideas of love and respect that everyone involved has for the source material. I think the game is in the best shape ever. I would like to express my heartfelt “thank you” to the hard work of my d3t friends and the sharing of insider information on this blog.Finally, thank you to everyone for their great support. Alan Way Climaster..We hope you enjoy your exploration – or Revisited – This remastered experience on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S released on October 5th.

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In this award-winning movie action thriller, troubled writer Alan Wake desperately begins looking for his missing wife, Alice. Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he discovered a page of horror stories that he believed he had written, but he has no memory. Wake is soon forced to doubt his sanity. Page by page, the story comes true in front of him. The hostile beings of supernatural darkness take over everyone they find and turn their backs on him. He has no choice but to confront the dark forces armed with flashlights, pistols, and the rest of his shredded heart. His nightmare journey to find the answer to the mind-wrenching mystery he faces leads him to the terrifying depths of the night. Alan Wake Remastered offers a complete experience with the main game and its two story extensions (Signal and The Writer) in stunning new 4K visuals. The story of a tense episode is full of unexpected twists, cardiac arrest cliffhangers, and bursts of fierce combat that require more than a bullet to expel the darkness. Game cutscenes, quirky character casts, and spectacular Pacific Northwest views have been enhanced for an experience that provides as much visual impact as its unpleasant atmosphere.