Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Josef Fares Game It Takes Two Is Hit with Claim from Take-Two Interactive

Grand Theft Auto’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, claims trademark rights to the Hazelight Studio game It Takes Two.Records show that Hazelight Seemingly forced Relinquish ownership of the game name.

In a statement Eurogamer, A Hayeswright spokesman told the outlet that the studio couldn’t comment on the ongoing controversy, but hoped the situation would be resolved. Take-Two also makes trademark claims for names that include words such as “rock star,” “social club,” “mafia,” and “civilization.” All of these terms relate to products and services owned by Take-Two, such as Rockstar Games, Rockstar Social Club, and the Mafia franchise.

Not only will Hazelight be affected, but other businesses not related to the gaming industry will also be affected. The clothing brand “Max Fayne” is included in Take-Two’s trademark claim, probably because it’s close to the studio’s Max Payne franchise. The Florida ax throwing company, called “Rock Star Ax Throw,” is also trying to oppose the Take Two trademark claim, but the music book brand, called “Think Like a Rock Star,” follows Take Two’s claim. Abandoned the trademark.

It turns out that some companies are trying to expand their claims and have opted to simply abandon their trademark rather than fighting a large company like Take-Two. Virtual legality“We can see applicants trying to force restrictions on their applications to avoid expansion, and many legitimate applicants,” said Richard Hogue. I simply choose not to fight with the opposition as the default. “

Regarding “It Takes Two,” Hoeg said, “It’s not just a trademark, it’s copyright dependent,” because it’s commonly used in products and services everywhere, not the company name. I don’t think so. “

Take-Two has recently taken a legitimate kick, including suing reverse-engineered GTA 3 and Vice City creators and GTA mods.

It was made famous by two creators, Josef Fares, for their outspoken appearances at the 2018 Game Awards. Perhaps he could take a similar attitude at Game Awards 2021 next week. Among other nominations, It Takes Two is selected as the Best Game.

George Jan is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter @ yinyangfooey