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Join the Nerf Trial on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S to become a Nerf Legend.


  • Learn all about the development of NERV Legend, Its story, and online multiplayer mode by Mihai Preda, the studio head of developer Fun Labs.
  • NERV Legend Is an FPS that uses Nerf Blaster in the future of science fiction as a hopeful athlete who participated in the Nerf Trials, a gauntlet-style contest.
  • NERV Legend Available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Welcome to the world of NERV Legend!! I’m Mihai Preda, the studio head of Fun Labs here. We are excited to make video games based on one of our favorite childhood (and honestly adult) toys.

NERV Legend Is an FPS that uses Nerf Blaster in the future of science fiction. You are a hopeful athlete who participated in the Nerf Trials, a blaster-enhanced gauntlet-style contest. The blaster has been upgraded and is fun to use. Your goal is to go through winding courses and defeat robots, puzzles and ultimately nerf masters. The story focuses on the idea of ​​demonstrating your abilities with a blaster and making it at the end of the competition to confront the mysterious grandmaster. By doing so, you will win the ultimate prize of winning the Nerf Legend.

Inspired by Blaster, we have incorporated some unique gameplay elements. For example, as anyone who has played with Nerf Blaster before knows, this will end up with foam darts scattered on the floor. We like this as a game concept, and when you blow up darts in the game, the darts are scattered on the ground and need to be picked up quickly to replenish the ammo. This idea of ​​blasting and picking up darts is a few interesting gameplay strategies. For example, when an enemy blows you up, they are basically giving you ammo, which you can pick up and shoot back, and vice versa.

In addition to playing with real Nerf Blaster, I was also inspired by other video games. There are quite a few people in the studio who play a variety of shooters and other games.A single game was not a direct inspiration for our work NERV LegendHowever, the FPS genre offers a lot of great games to reflect on.

NERV Legend

There are also many unique gameplay mechanisms not often found in other FPS games. Early in the prototyping stage, someone came up with the idea of ​​adding a bounce pad like a trampoline. It was something everyone immediately enjoyed. We played with this mechanic quite a bit. Sometimes it’s just used to jump to another part of a higher platform or level, and sometimes it’s used in a puzzle. Imagine, for example, trying to attack an enemy or other target while flying around in the air or using a jump pad to jump in the middle of an action. This gameplay eventually led to the idea of ​​turning the trampoline sideways, and we created what we call an accelerator. Accelerators push you to the level like a cannonball, so it’s a whole new way to think about traversal. As a result, these mechanisms affected some of the level design.

Blaster is a game star in many respects, but there is no template on how Nerf’s universe should look and feel, and it gives us a lot of freedom to move in some interesting directions. Gave.of NERV Legend You can scale the ramparts, run through bays full of futuristic Viking ships, catapult between jungle mountain cliffs, and navigate huge spaceports. The levels are very diverse and none are taken seriously. For us, the fun of using Blaster was the creation of elements and levels of joy. I hope the players will be surprised and pleased with it.

NERV Legend

NERV Legend There are full single player campaigns, but there are also many online multiplayer game modes. Solo Nerf Out and Team Nerf Out are our deathmatch and team deathmatch, but no death. Players in the game are named because they are tagged when they are defeated. Nerf Siege is the king of hill-type game modes and has a Golden Dart mode. The Golden Dirt is like a flag hunter, but with an interesting twist. This is a team play mode where players tag and score other players, but if you capture golden darts and use them to blow up and hit targets that move around the map, the team will score. Earn. Players with golden darts lose darts when fired or tagged, so teammates need to protect the darts.

The Nerf brand and Nerf Blaster are the perfect toys to adapt to video games. We remained true to Nerf’s core values ​​and did our best to amplify all the fun of playing with real-life blasters. In the meantime, it broke boundaries and created an advanced Nerf experience that was impossible in reality.I look forward to jumping and playing online NERV Legend You and!

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NERF Legends takes you into a futuristic sci-fi world where you face robotic enemies and an army of ultimate boss masters. Equipped with a variety of NERF blasters based on iconic real-world counterparts, stop formidable enemies while challenging you to perform the most impressive high-flying trick shots in a series of unique and immersive environments. To do. Does your NERF skill challenge you to become the ultimate NERF legend?