After a 20-year hiatus from the previous issue of the comic book series, Battle Chasers has made a long-awaited comeback with a new chapter in comics and a new live-action television series.

deadline Revealed it John wick Creator Derek Corstat is working on Alcon Entertainment’s new Battle Chasers television show.

“As a storyteller, and as a big fan of unrelenting and relentless behavior, you can’t wait for people to be dazzled like when you first turned to Battle Chasers,” he said. “The world Joe created here, coupled with the characters in it, is unique yet friendly. Adapting this to a small screen would be John.”

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The new series is written by Kolstad and is based on the Battle Chasers cartoons. Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, co-founders of Kolstad and Alcon Entertainment, will be executive producers alongside Ben Roberts of the Alcon Television Group.

“I was deeply involved in this material when I first got Joe’s comics 20 years ago, so to say the least to participate in providing this exciting material to new viewers. But it’s thrilling, “says Roberts.

Battle Chasers is the “esoteric” story that follows five heroes – the broken heart swordfighter Garrison. Red Monica, a villain who earns bounty hunters. Nolan, a powerful 500-year-old wizard. Garry, a 10-year-old girl looking for a mild-mannered golem cariblet and her missing father.

Originally created by cartoonist Joe Madureira, the Battle Chaser was launched in 1998 and often takes up to 16 months for new issues to materialize. The series, which ends in issue 9, has long been put on hold, despite the fact that it features a never-ending Cliffhanger ending.

No. 10 (originally scheduled for October 2001) was not released, and Madureira left the comics industry to pursue a career in video game development.

Nonetheless, the series has gained a lot of fans, and Madureira recently confirmed that Missing No. 10 is still in progress 20 years later.

“”[Battle Chasers] 10 is an art complete (32 pages), “he said. Via Twitter.. “And @ludolullabi has made great strides in # 11. that means we’ll be able to announce dates with confidence in the near future. Ruined King will take much longer than we planned. (Check out Ludo’s great work too), but we’re back on track! “

Battle Chasers may be best known these days for the transition to video games, not the history of comics. Battle Chasers: Night War Released in 2017, IGN states that “the game hurt the itching of JRPGs, even if storytelling and character development aren’t quite desired.”

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