Monday, May 16th, 2022

Japanese RPG Heavyweight Nihon Falcom Brings Switch Development In-house

Image: Falcom

Nihon Falcom Co., Ltd. (also simply called “Falcom”), a Japanese veteran, has announced its intention to start development in-house rather than providing Nintendo Switch software to external companies.

The news was part of Falcom Latest financial results briefingAlso revealed that the company has big plans to commemorate its popular 35th birthday. Ys series.

Falcom’s title on Switch has traditionally been a port and remaster of existing games developed by Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Nippon Ichi Software.The first game developed in-house Nayuta’s Trajectory: Infinite TrajectoryThe 2012 PSP spin-off port, which is expected to hit the switch in 2023.

Moreover, Trail The series, which has sold 6 million copies worldwide, will be available in 2022.

Falcom also said it would bring games to consoles, PCs and smartphones to drive multi-platform development. The audience for this is expected to spread to North America, Europe, and Asia other than their home country of Japan. It was also announced that the company would “challenge” itself by leveraging its existing IP and creating new installments in the franchise.

Falcom was founded in 1981 and initially focused on RPGs for Japanese personal computers such as the PC-8801 and Sharp X1. In addition to the Ys and Trails series, Falcom is also responsible for the following series: Dragon Slayer When Swing around..

Previous Falcom games for Switch include: Ys Origin, Ys VIII When Cold Steel III Trajectory..