Jade Raymond states that Heaven’s upcoming PlayStation-only games will include social elements and user-generated content, adding that they were created by the many developers behind the original Assassin’s Creed.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Raymond had launched Heaven Entertainment Studios, an independent company in Montreal. It is currently working on an unreleased new IP for the PlayStation.During an interview with GamesIndustry.bizThe studio boss scrutinized a little more about what fans can expect from the game and who is making the game.

“There are three things that really excite me, and they’re also the pillars of how we think about things,” says Raymond. “The first is a game as a social platform. Pandemics have proven that gameplay is a social glue that connects the community. Especially for the younger generation, this is what you do, make friends, and It’s a way to hang out. That’s what we really want. To build and design. “

While there are many games that have a social element in their design, the second concept in Raymond’s list adds another layer in the direction that the studio seems to be adopting the new IP.

“The second is to think about the’remix generation’. It started a while ago. There’s an era of self-expression designing Nike ID shoes, and I’m reading the blogs of my friends, not the pros. Journalists write And I think it goes a step further with something like TikTok, that’s another thing we’re thinking about at the heart of this IP: it’s about taking that self-expression beyond user-generated content. Remix the concept to the next level. “

Jade Raymond is depicted on the left with Hideo Kojima. Image Credit: Jade Raymond (Twitter)[email protected] ibjade

The PlayStation has seen many of its monopoly so far focus on similar ideas to some extent in the past. While games such as LittleBigPlanet allow fans to create user-generated levels and play with them, recent releases of Dreams allow users to create full-fledged games, mechanics, art, and more. By making it, the concept was further expanded. Creation platform.

Raymond didn’t go into too much detail about how Heaven’s next game would be shaped. But the studio manager is enthusiastic about being able to create a new IP from scratch, especially “it will last for generations and make sense for deeper levels of people.” bottom.

“But how can I create an IP of that depth, but it’s designed to be fan-owned from the beginning,” Raymond asks. “When I created Assassin’s Creed, I was really thinking about creating an IP that the creative team could own in the future. Some framework that happened in a blink of an eye in history and behind it. I thought about whether to create. [that] It is consistent with the brand so that the team can evolve and own it. Now we are thinking of creating an IP that is designed to be owned by fans, not just professional teams, and can evolve through it. “

Creating a game that pushes the boundaries of creativity and ownership seems like an easy task. Fortunately for Raymond, IP is in the hands of an experienced person. Corey May, the original writer of the first Assassin’s Creed, is the world director of the game, but many other staff members of the former Assassin’s Creed team are also involved.

“We started working together in 2004. At that time I was 29. Now we all have kids and gray hair, and it’s been many years since then,” says Raymond. “But we still love to work with. Corey was there, Rafael, Mathieu Redac, our creative director, Pierre François Sapinsky. [head of production]… the list continues. There are many people in that original game. And when I worked on that first game, there was a really magical feeling, and we feel like we have it again. “

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