IGN will be 25 this year, is there a better way than video games to celebrate this crucial opportunity? We have partnered with the creators of the 2020 Games to create their own mascot platformer featuring the best moments in the history of games and entertainment.

Titled “IGN 25: The Game,” this new 2D platformer has traveled 25 years since IGN was founded, with moments such as IGN’s first trip to E3 and the first live broadcast from Comic-Con. Nods. Starring Iggy, an anthropomorphic version of the familiar cross-key mascot.

In that spirit, I made a trailer at home at a cable station around 1996. This is shown above.

The game has long transitioned from the heyday of mascot platformers, and while user-led brackets recently gave the 2018 God of War the best name ever, Mario and Sonic have made it in the history of the game. It’s fun to look back on this very special moment. , Crash Bandicoot, and many other colorful characters were joking for space in the minds of console gamers.

Best games of the 2010s